Turtle Power

By Jennifer O’Leary-Chen

This story has special significance to me.  When I was younger, whenever my mom & I would see a turtle on the road needing help, we’d help it.  It was one of our things.

My mom passed away 8 years ago.  Another special interest we shared was 4-H.  We both volunteered for this youth organization.  She had been Department Chairperson of the Environmental Department at the Middlesex county 4-H Fair.  I also became a Chairperson, and in honor of my mom’s memory, fellow 4-H volunteers set up a memorial fund in my mom’s name.  Money from this fund is awarded yearly to a child who prepares an exhibit embodying environmentalism, hard work and creativity.

A couple of years ago, a teen prepared an amazing exhibit on the endangered blanding’s turtle.  She generously decided to donate her award money to a turtle conservation.  A few months later, the rehabilitator contacted me.  She had seen on my email signature line that I was a pet Reiki practitioner.  She rescued a blanding’s turtle that was not able to use her back legs.  Veterinary exam showed “Charo” the turtle did not have injury to her spine.  They theorized she was clipped by a car and the signals from her brain to her legs weren’t being received.  So began my beautiful journey with this amazing creature.  Although most of my Reiki sessions with Charo have been distant, I did offer Reiki in person twice.  They were the most amazing, beautiful & spiritual Reiki sessions I’ve ever been part of.  This wild endangered creature trusted me and blessed me with a beautiful extension and bowing of her head to me.  Although Charo’s rear legs are still not completely functional, she has become happier and much more active moving throughout her habitats.  Her rehabilitator, who has never experienced Reiki, was so moved by Charo’s sessions, she learned Reiki so she could offer this amazing energy to the turtles she rescues.  She also generously contributed to my mom’s memorial fund so we can continue to award kids for their hard work.  Both the rehabilitator and I believe my mom linked the two of us up and as a result, not only has Charo received benefit, but Reiki will continue to be spread to other turtles in need & my mom’s 4-H legacy will continue for years to come.