Tse Dup or Soul Healing

by Cindy Mattingly

I never thought in a million years that I would be sharing my internal world but here I am ☺

I do not always say the things that I think and feel because they might sound corny or I am afraid of being rejected for being too “out there”.  Now, I am going to put it in writing because it matters.  It matters how we show love.  It matters how we treat each other. I want to be the person that would step up and do the right thing…..not easy. It takes courage and faith.  It takes a belief that I will be okay no matter what others think or say.  Boy, am I nervous……

I have studied the Bon which is a Tibetan spiritual practice.  I got involved with this practice learning how to do Tse Dup or Soul Healing.  It was a three year program where I studied the culture of Tibet and their beliefs around healing.  Some of the information
was easy to grasp and then other aspects were drastically different than our Western culture.  This made me start questioning my life.  What is my purpose? What is healing?  Where does this “soul” energy come from?  What am I doing to make a difference?

So every day I do the Tse Dup practice.

The practice starts with a protection circle, meditation instructions and then the four directions are called.   One of the preliminary prayers is the mandala where you visualize that you are in the presence of all of the bodhisattvas. Bodhisattva is a term for anyone motivated by great compassion. The practitioner is offering all that is beautiful.  The last line in English is

Please accept this offering from my heart

This is what I am saying to you…..my community

Enjoy the offerings from Healing Way Center.  May these offerings give you harmony, peace and joy.