Trademarked Bodywork and Energy Workshops

The following bodywork and energy workshops are taught by Cindy Mattingly, and are trademarked by their respective ‘founding’ organizations.  There is a specific teaching format for each workshop as specified by that organization. Each workshop includes a book designed by the founders.

If you have questions or would like to register for a workshop, please call 978-269-7799, or email

Cindy Mattingly teaches trademarked workshops at Healing Way Center

International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT)   

  • Holy Fire® Reiki I & II
  • Holy Fire® Advanced Reiki and Reiki Master
  • Holy Fire Karuna Reiki®

Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET®)   

  • Healing Angels of the Energy Field
  • Basic Integrated Energy Therapy
  • Intermediate Integrated Energy Therapy
  • Advanced Integrated Energy Therapy
  • Master Instructor Training (see Partnership Workshops)
Integrated Energy Therapy workshops at Healing Way Center

Lightarian Reiki   

  • Level I & II
  • Level III
  • Level IV
  • Level V & VI

Magnified Healing   

  • Magnified Healing 1st Phase
  • Celebration workshop (2nd Phase)
  • 3rd Phase “Light Healing” Practitioner workshop  ( Please click on 'Learn More' button for workshop dates)
Magnified Healing Workshops at Healing Way Center

Upcoming Trademarked Workshops