The Energy of Food: Best Hot Cocoa

The Best Hot Cocoa on the Planet!

energy foodI love reading cookbooks. I like to imagine what a dish will taste like based on the ingredients. I enjoy recipes that are simple to follow and have clear instructions. I have a ‘knowing’ if a recipe will work or not. I think of this knowing as my reading the Energy of the Food… the vibration of the Ingredients. 

My cooking hobby has turned into a passion. I pretty much went vegetarian after I left home for college at 17. Meat had never agreed with me.  I have experimented with veganism off and on over the years but I didn’t know enough to make it work for me. I didn’t incorporate enough variety. I wasn’t staying well. So, my vegan experiment was followed by a period where I went back to including a limited amount animal protein. I still didn’t feel well. I started to do a lot of research and stepped up my thinking about what a healthy vegan diet might look like. I realized I do not do well with gluten products so those was out for me. I also introduced a lot of variety in both recipes and ingredients. It started to work. 

An important component of my success with veganism is the energy or vibration of the ingredients I use. Color is one type vibration. I add purple onions and orange sweet potatoes for their great colors. I use red and yellow bell peppers instead of traditional green ones. Spices add another type of vibration, and they create a lot of interest. I am exploring recipes from different cultures for their different spice mixes. The more spices in a recipe the higher the vibration of the dish. I am having a blast. For the past three years my vegan diet has been working. It’s been healthy and fun!

I am putting together an E-book to share a few of my favorite recipes. Each recipe has a story behind it and I tell that story. As I write this blog, I am drinking the Best Hot Cocoa! I’ll share its recipe with you ahead of time.

Best Vegan Hot Cocoa on the Planet!

1 can coconut cream, unsweetened

1 Tbsp Cacao powder

1 Tbsp maple syrup

½ tsp vanilla extract

Sprinkle of salt for serving

Blend the coconut cream, cacao, maple syrup, and vanilla in Nutri- bullet until frothy. Heat in a pan using a whisk until steaming. Serve with salt sprinkle on top.

Watch for the E-book and enjoy the Hot Cocoa.

Big Hugs and Much Love,