Energy Healing – How Does it Work?

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Energy Healing - How Does it Work? Energy: I have lately been appreciating my natural curiosity. It has led me down many paths and I have delved into a wide variety of subjects. I am so thankful that I keep asking the question "Why?" My energetic sensitivity and curiosity have on occasion been a challenge to both me and my clients. With my clarity and ability to recognize what is true, I often hit the nail directly on the head - perhaps at times too directly. For me it's a conscious decision to honor the information I receive, and to offer it to my clients - knowing there is the potential that they may not like it. They may [...]

Intuitive Dowsing

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Taught by Cindy Mattingly. Are you frustrated with your lack of clarity ……Second guessing your intuitive hit…… hearing an inner voice that tells you that the story is not true? When a person gets a “hit” or a “gut reaction”, this is intuition. Intuition is receiving confirmation from one or more of your five sensory perceptions which are seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and touching. There is a sixth perception which uses all your senses combined. There are many ways to connect to your intuition and learn to recognize when it is just yourself misleading your thoughts. This workshop is all about the experience of knowing that YOU know and that you connect consciously with that knowing. It is important [...]

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Healing from Trauma, Tools for the Next Level of Wellness

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Healing From Trauma Betsey Beaven and Cindy Mattingly Date: April 27th Time: 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm (2 hours) Class Tuition: $50 Location: 2 Dundee Park, Suite 204, Andover Ma 01810 Have you ever lost a child, loved one, or close relative to an illness or natural disaster? Does anxiety rule your every day life? Trauma happens to all of us and it leaves the imprint in our energy and physical bodies. If you had tools that you could use when “it” happened, would you use them? This is a big YES!!!!! Betsey Beaven and Cindy Mattingly will be sharing their extensive combined years of trauma work to help you discover what you would need in your journey to [...]

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