Raise your Vibration & Look at The World Anew

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 Raise your Vibration I often wonder about the meaning of life. Why is the world the way it is and why do we do this thing called life? I have read a lot of books and articles that touch on these questions. I have studied two bodies of work which are called Magnified Healing® and The Melchizedek Method®. They present ideas that look at the world in a way that examines these questions. Both introduce concepts including holograms, ascension, sacred geometry and activations as some of the ways that reality works. Today, I am going to write about my thoughts around 'activations' and some of the research I have done. The word activation has a dictionary meaning of the [...]

Energy Awareness Reflections

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Energy Awareness Reflections Energy: Many people ask me how I got started in the energy work world. My answer is that I did not know I was stepping into this world of energy. I knew it felt familiar and it gave me words and language for my experiences of working with the body during Occupational Therapy sessions. The experiences were not something I talked about with my work buddies. I would say the things I saw and felt were strange and unusual....at least in the "regular" world. "How did you get started in the Energy world?" I am thankful for my friend who invited me to a Reiki workshop. It was a great place to start learning about the world [...]

The Meaning of Things: A Reflection

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Reflections on The Meaning of Things The meaning of things and my recent reflections. I take my daily walk at the mall when the weather turns cold. Lately, I've enjoyed watching the stores transform themselves with the decorations of the holiday season. At the same time, I’ve become an expert at dodging holiday shoppers preoccupied with their shopping objectives. They are often carrying lots of packages while managing their children, and aren't always aware of the foot traffic around them. I focus on staying alert so I can avoid collisions! When I stop walking and just listen to the conversations of the those around me, there is a lot of talk about buying this and getting that. There is much [...]

Karma and the Holidays a Reflection Blog

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Reflections on Karma and the Holidays When the holidays come around, people start talking about family issues. I find this interesting. Family dynamics are magnified at this time of year. I think of this as our karma manifesting itself. Let me explain. Karma can be summed up as the law of cause and effect. I think of karma as leftover energy or charge from events in our current or previous lifetimes. If you are doing and thinking good or bad thoughts about a person or situation, it will influence the outcome of the current situation as well as future ones. I also believe that when karma shows up, it's an opportunity to use the dynamic as a teacher, to take [...]

Gut Troubles & Reflections

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Reflections on Gut Troubles  There has been much talk in healthcare circles recently around gut/digestive issues and how to deal with these. I can totally relate to the topic. I have had gut/digestive problems all my life and have tried many different approaches to "fixing" these. My first attempts were through diet. I was raised on a beef and dairy farm in Kentucky. There was nothing missing from the 'menu' when it came to overly rich food choices! Red meat, dairy, bread, fried foods, desserts (lots of these)! When I left home for college, I began experimenting with my diet to see if I could help my upset stomach. I love sweet treats. I know how very hard it [...]

Angels: Do you believe in Angelic Energy?

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Angels & Angelic Energy Reflections Angelic Energy: I am preparing to teach the Healing Angels Workshop on October 27 and Basic Integrated Energy Therapy™ on November 10. These workshops introduce angelic energy.  Now some of you may stop reading here, but for the others... Do you believe in Angels?  Have you ever had an experience with an Angel? I'd like to tell you of two experiences of my own, and give you my answer to the first question. My first story involves a client.  This is a new client asking for Reiki.  We fill out the intake forms and she gets on the table.  I start offering Reiki energy. There is nice flute music playing.  It is very peaceful, and [...]

Laughing and Singing Reflections

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Laughing and Singing Reflections We had our second in-person book club meeting where we continued our discussion of the Wild Feminine. The week's chapter had lots of information about physical and emotional self-care. I felt that I was doing the physical, meditation, bodywork and exercise items with no problem. Then there was a section called 'Laugh, Sing and Nourish Yourself'. Mmmmm... I really felt these to be about emotional self-care. This seems to be an area where I need a tune-up. Let's start with 'laughing'. I enjoy the antics of my cats and the people around me. I find lots of the items on social media to be pretty funny. I don't watch television, but I will watch the occasional [...]

Reflections on Freedom from Choas

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Freedom Reflections A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog about chaos. Today, I want to write about freedom. This past year has been a time of great change for me. I know there is always 'chaos' before 'order'. I do not find chaos comfortable of course, but I understand it has a purpose. Energy needs to be freed to reorganize and create something new. I tell clients that you must bend your knees as you go over the waves (chaos) and ride them like a surfboard. It sounds simple.... Ha! I am finding that I need to examine many items and systems in my personal home and at Healing Way Center. It feels just like spring cleaning. There is [...]

Reflections on Change

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Reflections on Change Change.... transformation.... chaos......these are all words to describe my current experience. Outside of me I have had a ton of "new". I have a mixed reaction to these outside changes.  Change is good, but not easy. I wonder if easy and comfortable are even real when a true transformation is occurring?   I am not always sure how to navigate these changes, but I do know that the outside and the inside of me are connected and need to match to have a coherent perception of what is happening in my world. This is reflected in the things I use for self-talk and what I share with others. My daily practice of eating well, meditation and exercise [...]

Practicing Heart Centered Gratitude

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Practicing Heart Centered Gratitude  with Karen Kallie Dates: May 18th Time: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm (3 hours) Class Tuition: $40 Location: 57 Lake Shore Rd., Salem, NH 03079 This 3 hour workshop guides you through your energy system to the gateway of your heart chakra, opening you to an inner space where you can connect with wholeness, self love and acceptance. It is in the heart that we have the ability to move beyond judgment, criticism and blame to acceptance, compassion and wisdom for ourselves and others. If you experience… A feeling of being scattered Negative self-image and self judgement Inability to follow through and accept change Lack of concentration, focus and procrastination Difficulty in following through on [...]

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Reflections on Zero Balancing

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Zero Balancing Reflections I experienced Zero Balancing for the first time during an Advanced CranioSacral Therapy workshop.  One of the teaching assistants suggested it as a way for me to 'drop into' the space of being ready to receive my session.  Wow.... that phrase did not capture the wave of awareness that went through my body. I had a very deep and healing session.  I got off the table and asked the teaching assistant what he had done. When he said "Zero Balancing", my first thought was I want more of 'that'. More for myself, and more to offer my clients. My first Zero Balancing workshop I took in the Boston area. I was watching the instructor demonstrate techniques [...]

Reflections on Chakra Energy

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 Chakra Energy Reflections I would like to share some of my experiences with energy. I work with energy and the body. When I talk about energy, I am speaking of something that most people can't see. I have great gratitude that I can see energy as this gives me more information on how to help the person or the animal. For those who haven't had this experience, I want to try to describe what one might see. Sometimes energy looks like a shadow, but the shadow might be in an odd place such as in front of the body where there is nothing to cast one. For those who experience 'floaters' in their eyes, energy can be similar in that [...]

Reflections on Perception

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Reflections on Perception I have been thinking about this concept of perception. Is my viewpoint of this person 'right'? Is my take away from a situation the 'truthful' one? How can I know? I feel certain that the wisdom behind the question 'is the glass half full or half empty' is that both are true. The way each person experiences the glass visually is the same. I know that in the picture I used for this blog the empty part of the glass is the same size as the part with the liquid because I poured it. I measured it. I think the influence of our emotions and thoughts shifts our perceptions. If I look at this from an [...]

Reflections on Irritability

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Reflections on Irritability Ever felt irritable? I am a tea drinker and I ordered my favorite tea a week ago and the tea is not here. I am drinking a tea that I have in my cabinet for the past few days and it's good but not the one I want. I know it's a little thing, but I really like my brand of tea. Trying to be okay with this but.......   Then I broke a glass bowl in the kitchen, and it went everywhere. I do mean everywhere because it took an hour to clean the mess. Have you ever tried to clean up glass with five cats doing the curious cat thing? I was certain that herding [...]

Reflections on Energy 2019

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Reflections on  Energy 2019  I am not sure how many of you know that I use tarot cards every day.  I might pull one or two cards and sometimes I do an entire reading for myself.  I am curious about the current energy present in my life. I want to know if I am in alignment and aware of the energy or am I clueless.  I find it funny when I pull the same kind of card with the same message several days in a row even from different decks. I would say that the energy is really making sure I am paying attention. Today I pulled one card from my Nature Spirit deck by Denise Linn to guide [...]

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