Basic Animal Reiki

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Instructor: Cindy Mattingly. Class Length: 1/2 Day. Day 1: Saturday, December 5, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm. Class Fee: $125 Discounted to $75. Location: THIS CLASS WILL BE HELD VIRTUALLY USING ZOOM WEB CONFERENCING. To Register: Call Cindy Mattingly at 978-269-7799 or email Come learn and experience how to give this awesome healing energy to animals! Use Reiki to heal many issues in a safe, noninvasive manner that can complement traditional veterinary medicine or other holistic modalities. This workshop can be a stepping stone to help you connect more deeply to your animal friends and be able offer Reiki as another tool when your animal is in pain or needs support. Prerequisite Reiki 1 & 2 This introductory [...]

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Animal Energy Healing

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Animal Energy Healing I will be teaching Basic Animal Reiki on Saturday December 5, 2020 from 9-12 on Zoom. I can't wait!!! I love working with animals; they are so clear with their communication. We are all in relationship with these incredible beings who can read our energy and know if we are balanced. It is amazing that we have this opportunity to give back to our animal companions. What does the workshop cover? To attend, students must be certified at the Reiki II level or above. Send in a copy of your certificate, sign up for the class, and we are ready to go. The workshop will start with a review of key concepts from the first two [...]

Animal Energy Work: The Joy of Teaching and Facilitating

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Animal Energy Work: The Joy of Teaching and Facilitating  by Jen O’Leary-Chen If you had asked me 3 years ago if I would ever consider teaching Reiki, I would have said no.  I thought my path was to only treat and practice Reiki. My thinking changed when I took Holy Fire Karuna Reiki training with William Lee Rand.  In that class, he said that Holy Fire Reiki often guides people to teach.  I was skeptical but kept an open mind.  Shortly thereafter, the universe and a good friend connected me to someone interested in learning R eiki.  I almost said no, but feeling the pull to go in that direction, I put my nerves aside and my faith in [...]

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