Story of the Month: Aijah

By Lynn Elzweig

This is a story of little Aijah, a seven-month-old Yorkshire terrier; her owner, Maura; her owner’s mother (my friend Mo) and me.  Aijah used to live with Maura and Maura’s parents, however Maura recently moved, and her roommate had a large dog.  Normally Aijah is very friendly to people and dogs but the roommate’s dog was VERY LARGE compared to a Yorkie. Since Aijah was scared of the unfamiliar dog, Maura decided while she was not at home, Aijah should stay with Mo and Dad, Doug. They agreed to the arrangement, and Maura immediately started to bring Aijah to Mo and Doug during the day. The first day after the move, Aijah was hardly eating and the previous night had hidden under Maura’s bed in the new location and had not used her pee pad properly during the night. Everyone in the family was worried about Aijah!

That day I happened to be talking with Mo outside her home and was invited in. Mo related the concerns they had regarding Aijah. I offered Reiki to calm Aijah, but the dog moved away. Then Mo mentioned that she herself had severe pain on the side of her knee, so I offered Reiki to her, and did some to demonstrate how it feels. Then she told me, “Never mind me. Let’s do Aijah. She loves to sit on laps.” Then she put the little dog on my lap. That was the charm!  Aijah was very content on my lap and very accepting of the Reiki. After 15 minutes or so I stopped and was told that once settled in a comfortable spot, Aijah sometimes growled if she was disturbed. Mo approached her gently, however, and Aijah was so very relaxed with the Reiki that she didn’t react at all to being moved onto her doggy bed. She seemed almost zoned out!

A little later she became interested in her food and ate. Yeah!

Feedback: When Maura took the dog home that night, Aijah slept on top of the bed, not under it. Maura noticed that the little one was a lot calmer. Also, Mo told me she would like to have Reiki too. 🙂