Signature Bodywork and Energy Workshops

Signature workshops are an original body of work by Cindy Mattingly. These workshops combine select bodywork and energy work techniques. They are grouped into two programs:

You can take individual workshops to tailor your learning experience, or you can participate in an entire program.

Core Principles of Signature Workshops

  1. A combination of bodywork and energy work techniques delivers the best healing outcome.
  2. Bodywork, energy work, and education together create a foundation for health and wellness.
  3. You should be an active participant in your healing experience as this helps the process.
  4. Workshops and classes give us an opportunity to embrace a new approach to living by providing understanding and experience.

If you have questions or would like to register for a workshop, please call 978-269-7799, or email

cindy mattingly signature workshops

Upcoming Signature Workshops