Reflections on Reiki
I will be teaching Reiki 1 & 2 on September 22 & 23. I have been reflecting on what Reiki has brought to my life and want to share.

I was resistant to learning Reiki many years ago…. why?

I am an Occupational Therapist trained in the allopathic way.  This is often called traditional or western medicine.  Doctors run tests and give you medication to take care of what is bothering you.  In this world, I know ways to directly relieve a patient’s pain. The goal is to rehabilitate patients so that they can return to normal function or to teach compensatory ways.  Where did Reiki fit into this?

One day, a friend called and asked me to take Reiki 2 with her.  I told her I couldn’t because I hadn’t taken Reiki 1.  I didn’t give it a second thought. The next thing I knew her Reiki teacher was calling me and asking me when I might be able to take Reiki 1 so that I could take Reiki 2 with my friend.  I was puzzled.  I wasn’t that interested and didn’t feel like my friend and her teacher were picking up on that.  A part of me started to wonder why this was happening; maybe I was supposed to take Reiki?  The universe was not listening to me, so perhaps I was supposed to be listening to the universe?

As it turns out, I listened and took both classes. I consider that decision to be one of the most pivotal of my life.  I had a profound experience of Reiki energy in both classes!  In Reiki 1 the student learns how to give Reiki to oneself.  At the end of the class, each student was asked to volunteer one thing they got out of the day.  I found myself crying and not knowing why.  I knew then I needed to learn more.  The Reiki 2 class was full of laughter and tears with none of this being about stories or traumas.  I felt amazing after both classes.  I wanted to know more!

One of my first experiences treating with Reiki was a referral from a friend. The client was a seven-year old with cancer.  She hopped up on my table and stated, “I want Reiki!”  I asked her if she knew what Reiki was. She said no but wanted Reiki to help her.  I gave her a Reiki session and when done the young girl ran to her mom and exclaimed “she took the heat out of my body!”  They were both very grateful.  After they left, I sat down on my office floor crying and realizing how much I had to learn of the ways in which healing works.

For me, Reiki launched a journey of discovery about energy work, medicine and healing that continues to this day.

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