Reflections on Reiki


I like options and I really like helping… I always ask myself what can I do to help the greatest number of people? Reiki!

Healing Way Center is offering two Reiki classes: Reiki I&II (offered as a single class), and Basic Animal Reiki. You can take one or both!

REIKI I: Saturday, October 24, 9:00am – 4:00pm.

REIKI II: Saturday, October 31, 9:00am – 4:00pm.

Class Fee: $325 discounted to $200.

Reiki I and Reiki II must be taken together. A 50% discount is available to students who have already completed Reiki I. You must provide a copy of your certificate for the discount to apply.

Reiki is a Japanese energy technique that reduces stress and promotes relaxation. It uses “Rei” which means universal and “Ki” which is life force. All together this universal life force energy assists the body, mind, and spirit to enhance your innate and natural ability to heal.

Holy Fire Usui Reiki uses the energy and symbols from Master Usui lineage. William Rand has added Holy Fire energy to his teachings of Reiki to create a powerful and gentle energetic experience. Reiki I teaches self-treatment. You will learn hand positions for a Reiki session for yourself. We discuss the different levels of Reiki. We review the history of Reiki with Master Usui, Dr Hayashi and Mrs. Takata. You are introduced to the Reiki Ideals which are the foundational principles of Reiki from Master Usui. You will begin to learn the Japanese Reiki Techniques starting with a meditation that begins and ends each session or practice. Reiki II focuses on learning to give Reiki to others. We will review the Reiki II symbols and how to use them in a complete Reiki session. You will continue to learn more Japanese Reiki Techniques.

BASIC ANIMAL REIKI: Saturday, December 5, 9:00am – 12:00pm.

Class Fee: $125 Discounted to $75.

animal reikiThis is a certification workshop. Complete the workshop, arrange your practice session, video your session, and send the video to me. I will arrange for a conversation with you (phone or virtually) and I will send you your certificate!!!

This workshop can be a stepping stone to help you connect more deeply to your animal friends and be able offer Reiki as another tool when your animal is in pain or needs support. Reiki 1 & 2 are class prerequisites. This introductory 3-hour workshop consists of 3 hours of classroom discussion and review of how to give energy work to animals. We briefly review Reiki history, and we discuss session setup, getting permission from the animal, working signs, environmental conditions of the animal, and creating a session summary. Instruction will be illustrated with examples and stories.


To Register: Call Cindy Mattingly at 978-269-7799 or email

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