Reiki for Loved Ones

By Caitlin Marino

Reiki for Loved Ones is a program at Healing Way Center that offers distant Reiki sessions in 15 minute increments. This allows anyone to purchase a gift of 15 minutes or more for friends, loved ones or even themselves.

The point of offering these short customized sessions is to allow for flexibility. Clients can experience the benefits and support of Reiki outside of the physical treatment space. These sessions are ideal for people who are undergoing surgery, receiving chemotherapy treatments, or just looking for some extra relaxation or support on their lunch break. The possibilities are endless.

I have personally experienced the benefits of distance Reiki in preparation of and recovery from a major surgery I had a few years ago. The Reiki I received helped to ease my anxiety prior to the surgery and to expedite a full and speedy recovery. I was able to receive the benefits of my session from the comfort of my hospital bed. I also recently purchased a session to support a loved one through an urgent hospital visit. There was a distinct serenity and clarity that surrounded her throughout her ordeal.

These customized distant Reiki sessions make a wonderfully creative and affordable gift for anyone in your life that could use some TLC!