Using Reiki Every Day
By Jennifer O’Leary-Chen

Did you know that becoming certified in Reiki can be used in so many different ways & help you with everyday life.  Many people don’t realize that you don’t need to have a Reiki practice in order to benefit from the wonderful energy of Reiki.

Reiki is an awesome healing technique for yourself, loved ones & pets.  Not only can it be used for stress reduction & relaxation, it can help with chronic pain, insomnia, and help curb bad habits among others things.  Here are some of the ways the practitioners at Healing Way Center like to use Reiki in their everyday life.  Many love to offer it to their pets to calm them when they are excited or help bring them comfort when sick or dying. A lot of us like using Reiki to help ground us, protect us energetically and spiritually connect on a deeper level.  For those who do bodywork, they might use Reiki to intend a client respond better to a physical treatment or to help shift “stuck energy.”  For those who have other jobs, they might use Reiki to help facilitate a difficult conversation with a client or boss.  Finally, some of us like to send Reiki to intentions (i.e – to help someone, to achieve a goal, etc) or to gratitude journals.

If Reiki or the above ideas resonate with you, but you aren’t ready to learn it, ask at your next appointment about how we might be able to weave it deeper into your life.  The possibilities are limitless and ideas on how to incorporate Reiki into our everyday lives is constantly evolving.  If you are curious about Reiki or want to know if it might help you – feel free to reach out!