Reflections on Angelic Energy


I will be teaching a body of work by Steven Thayer called Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET).


This modality works with emotional energy at nine different points in the body using angelic energy. I find that IET moves stuck energy when other methods I use are not successful. I would say that it helps me open another door into a person’s or animal’s energy field to release blocked energy. It is awesome to have another tool to help.


The best way to share how IET works is by giving an example.

I had a client come to have me work on her shoulder pain. Nothing prior had changed the pain. Medication, physical therapy, acupuncture, supplements, all had been tried. The client was frustrated. We decided to work with IET. In this case, the most significant point was at the heart. I knew this because the point became warm and the client reported that her shoulder was twitching. I stayed with that area until the working signs stopped. We finished the session.


The next time the client came for a session, she reported that the pain disappeared for a few days after the prior session, and that while it did later return, it was at greatly reduced. Wonderful news!!!!


Another example is from my distant animal sessions.


This client had a dog with hip pain. I did distant Reiki for several sessions with good results. The client was reporting an apparent decrease in her pet’s pain. I wanted to see if IET could eliminate the pain completely. When I got to the pet’s adrenals, the energy got warm in my hands. I stayed with the working signs and then finished the IET session. The client later reported that her dog was really showing an increased tolerance for their walks. The client was very happy!!!


You can see that both examples show that IET works in a way that is gentle and very productive.


I am delighted to introduce everyone to the angelic energy in the Healing Angels workshop. Anyone can take this workshop for any reason. You can learn more and register here.


I will then teach the Basic IET workshop where students will start to learn how to offer IET to others. In January I will offer IET for Pets which focuses on cats, dogs and horses. There are 2 more levels: Intermediate IET and Advanced IET. These will also be offered in 2019!


Lots of good mojo going on here!


Big Hugs and Much Love,