Raise your Vibration

I often wonder about the meaning of life. Why is the world the way it is and why do we do this thing called life? I have read a lot of books and articles that touch on these questions. I have studied two bodies of work which are called Magnified Healing® and The Melchizedek Method®. They present ideas that look at the world in a way that examines these questions. Both introduce concepts including holograms, ascension, sacred geometry and activations as some of the ways that reality works.

Today, I am going to write about my thoughts around ‘activations’ and some of the research I have done. The word activation has a dictionary meaning of the process of making something active. Of course. I have heard and read the information on light body activation. Okay, what does that really mean?

Let’s talk about energy… The hot concept in the world of energy work is that of raising your vibration or frequency. To put it very simply, thoughts, emotions, and actions that are negative have a lower vibration. Kindness, love, and service have a higher vibration.  All things consist of energy, thus everything has a vibration. Raising your vibration is a good thing. A higher vibration facilitates your ability to manifest your dreams and desires. Activation techniques change our vibration by helping to release lower vibrational thoughts and emotions that fuel our actions.

Let’s take this one step further. We now know what activation means.

What the heck is a light body?

The light body is the human energy field. We have all experienced it in one fashion or another. Everyone has played with their energy field by rubbing a balloon in their hair – an action that causes the hair to stand on end because of the energy. Well, a light body activation would raise the vibration of your energy field by using a method or meditation. There are many ways to do this, but if you are really intrigued, I would recommend checking out these workshops where you can get guidance and instruction on new practices that will help you raise your vibration level and activate your light body.

The Melchizedek Method with Diane Marie Gallant March 6-9


Magnified Healing Phase 1 with Cindy Mattingly July 11 & 12

Big Hugs and Much Love,