Reflections on Path and Purpose

purposeI spend a good amount of my meditation practice in contemplation of the way the world works. I am fascinated by my perception and interpretation of what is called Reality. The more mindful I am, the more I see and recognize clues and signs that the energy of my reality flows in a certain direction. I would love to have a “map” of this flow so that I might be prepared and ready for upcoming changes. I’ve yet to find the map! I believe my map can only be perceived in the moment as I consciously experience my own unique journey. 

I believe that we all have a path and purpose

Purpose is an innate understanding of what brings us joy. The path is the set of steps that take us in the direction of our purpose. I have found the more mindful I am of my journey, the better I am able to grasp my journey’s underlying path and purpose. When I listen carefully, my path and purpose inform the choices I need to make when they need to be made.

When I was young, I expected my purpose to be clear, simple, and unwavering. I now know that my purpose is not fixed – it evolves – and when I listen I continually discover new depths. When I have a new insight, I often notice that things I have learned many years ago show up again as part of the tapestry of my purpose. I feel that as I grow, my purpose becomes more refined and layered…. like a fine wine.

Another reward for consciously experiencing my journey has been the discovery and understanding of the nature of my path. Like my purpose, I once thought my path would be a clearly marked trail. If I discovered an interest or passion I just needed to follow a set of instructions to master “it”. I have discovered that my path is not that simple. Most of the time I’m better served by staying with the feeling of the energy of clarity – the embodied sense of truth that tells me I am moving in the right direction. I would love there to be markers on the path that says, “you are here” or a green line on the floor that leads me to the “You have arrived” sign. Instead, I just do what my intuitive sense tells me is the next right thing.


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Big Hugs and Much Love,