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Keri Stella

Practitioner Feature: Keri Stella

My story as a pet Reiki practitioner and intuitive started when I was in the midst of my Reiki training.  I was level 2 certified – not yet a Reiki Master or practitioner – searching for interesting books at the library (as I often did) about different modalities of healing, astrology, and crystals, for example.  I probably borrowed around 10 books every time I went to the library and ferociously read as much information as I could before it was time to return them.  One day I happened upon a book about animal communication, which I was very curious about.  Little did I know that book at the library would forever change my life and the lives of pets (and their people) I would later work with!

It was also during this time I was taking classes and workshops with amazing teachers around Massachusetts in crystal healing and psychic development, among others.  You know those sayings, “What we think, we become” and “What you put your attention on will grow”?  Well, I ended up becoming a full-fledged reiki practitioner and crystal healer, while also working as a full-time Regulatory Affairs professional in Big Pharma.

I continued to train with experts, while also practicing animal communication techniques with friends’ pets behind the scenes.  During this practice time, I also realized I could combine my skills honed from my psychic development training with reiki to understand what was bothering the animals and how to help them.  It was more than animal communication – it was a knowing about what they needed to get better.  What is striking about this is that I didn’t grow up with pets or animals around me (my Mother was allergic to just about every furry animal), nor do I have formal training in an animal-related discipline, although I did have an intense interest in the likes of Jane Goodall and Jacque Cousteau as a girl.  Back then, I wanted to do what Jane did – I wanted to watch and study animals and their behavior, but that soon faded the older I got.   I ended up getting my Masters in Business Administration – far from what my life’s calling had now become!

As my career as a Reiki practitioner progressed, I was finding that more and more people were coming to me to give reiki to their pets AND to help them solve problems they were facing with their pet.  Something was off with their pet, and they didn’t know what to do about it.  Often times after I pick up what is going on, there is some back and forth with the pet owner to narrow down the specific problem and find the right solutions for them.

One striking example of this I like to give is where I helped a pet owner figure out what was bothering her angry cat who refused to sleep with his owner anymore and kept running away from her. By moving something out from the back of the couch that had recently been placed there, the cat returned to his normal self – he was no longer angry and slept with his owner again!  In another example, I helped a cat owner handle behavioral issues with one of their cats after another one of their pets died.  I found that the cat needed a new brother or sister, needed a scratch post, and a platform high enough to see outside of the owner’s city apartment – and I did this work all from a distance (not having gone to the owners’ homes to know this information).

With just one picture of a pet or animal, I can help.  Between the healing support of reiki and the intuitive messages that come through – let’s work together to heal your pet!!