Partnership Bodywork and Energy Workshops

Healing Way Center aligns its educational goals with carefully chosen individuals and organizations. Through our Partnership workshops, we give our students access to important energy work and bodywork learning opportunities. Our partners are given access to a broad range of students. The following are our partners and the workshops they offer.

If you have questions or would like to register for a workshop, please call 978-269-7799, or email

  • Michael Oruch teaches Zero Balancing workshop at Healing Way Center




Zero Balancing

Michael Oruch Form and Fulcrums I :   (4 days)
Form and Fulcrums II :   (2 days)

All Is Well

Laura Haley Integrated Energy Therapy Master Instructor Class   (2 days)

Zero Balancing

Amanda King Zero Balancing 1   (4 days)

Partner:  Zero Balancing

Instructor:  Michael Oruch
Workshop:  Form and Fulcrums I
Length:  4 Days
Workshop:  Form and Fulcrums II
Length:  2 Days

Partner:  All Is Well

Instructor:  Laura Haley
Workshop:  Integrated Energy Therapy Master Instructor Class
Length:  2 Days

Partner:  Zero Balancing

Instructor:  Amanda King
Workshop:  Zero Balancing 1
Length:  4 Days

Upcoming Partnership Bodywork and Energy Workshops