Wow….workshops in the New Year….unbelievable that 2019 is here!!!

I will be teaching IET for Pets on Saturday January 12th. This will be the first time I am offering this amazing work foranimals.  I have been using IET in mydistance animal sessions with great results. 

Your New Year’s resolutions can get help with the Energetic Self-Care  workshop which is onSaturday January 26th.

Big Hugs and Much Love,


Integrated Energy Therapy® for PETS

Saturday Jan 12

9:00am – 6:00pm

with Cindy Mattingly

IET® was developed by Stevan J. Thayer of the Center of Being. This modality works with the Cellular Memory Map and the IET integration power points. In this workshop you will learn about the soul’s mission of animals and how their cellular memory functions differently than human beings. You will use the Basic Level IET techniques.

This class was developed for people with pets as well as people without pets who love animals. The objective in designing this class was to focus on cats, dogs, and horses and to teach how to offer a complete Basic Level IET session to these wonderful creatures.


Saturday Jan 26

9:00am – 4:00pm

with Cindy Mattingly

When you have something going on in your physical world… your

body and/or your environment… it starts in your energy field first. The best way to manage this situation is to use conscious actions to clear, re-build and strengthen your energy field. There are four aspects to your energy field… physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. All need your active care.

This workshop will focus on each aspect with specific techniques and protocols to detoxify, rebuild and strengthen your system so that you may expand to hold all the Joy you desire !!!