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Womb Moon Lodge

Room: Workshop Space
Amanda Patti is an International Transformation Coach, and Holder of Sacred Space. She helps people release their limiting beliefs, reclaim their personal power, live authentically, and develop more intimate relationships. Amanda has been studying and practicing the art of personal growth, movement, and relationships for the past 22 years. She has used a variety of holistic modalities to move through pain and fear after leaving an emotionally abusive marriage, recover from physical injury after a car accident and yoga injury, and become a powerful advocate for her children. In 2014, she became a Certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach with the CHEK Institute. She is also a Certified Yoga Teacher, Student of Life, and humanitarian. At the heart of her work, Amanda has a desire to connect people to the core of who they are through a multi-dimensional approach to healing, rooted in traditional wisdom and
modern arts.
Experience the gift of immersing yourself in community and in being held in Sacred Sisterhood. The Women’s Moon Lodge is a safe and sacred space for all women to gather, to heal themselves, and heal the wounds of our ancestors. Speak your truth, be seen and heard. Release the blame,
shame, guilt, and jealousy that pervades how women “should” be. Learn how to support yourself through the changes of life – from maiden to mother to crone. Be held and accepted as you are.
This workshop will meet monthly around the time of the Full Moon – a potent time of creative potential for all life
on earth. You will have the opportunity to set intentions for each Full Moon, to clear mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual, and/or physical blocks while being held in Sacred Space and to call in what it is you truly want to manifest.  Share wisdom with each other regarding womanhood. Move through limitations, fears, and societal programming around your divine sensuality, intuition, and emotive waters. Develop a practice that honors and potentiates your highest health and womb wisdom. Sing, dance, create, and share stories of ancient and wild wisdom. Express yourself fully and be embraced while doing so.
Experience the healing gifts of letting joy and being in community burn away pain held within you. Grow more fully into who you are in a self-empowered and conscious way. Decrease stress and increase your well-being.
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