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Slow Flow Vinyasa Yoga w/ Amanda Patti 7 Week Series

Date: 9/23/2017 – 11/4/2017
From: 7:15 am – 8:15 am
$20 drop in
$90 7 week series
Note: 10/7/17 (week 3) will be an at home self-practice week.
During this 7-wk yoga series, we will explore the 5 Mahabhutas, or elements, within Tantric Cosmology as it relates to yoga and life. Each pose, or asana, will be related to an element and how you can incorporate and balance those aspects of living in your life. You will receive alignment suggestions with individual support to tailor each pose and movement for you and your body. At the heart of yoga, is union, or connection. This practice combines the philosophical aspects of yoga and unites it with mind-body-spirit in a very practical way.This practice is open to people age 16 and up who are new or relatively new to yoga and/or want to take their practice to a new level. No prior experience is required. All levels, especially beginners, are welcome.

Week 1An exploration into the integration of mind-body-spirit. Learn how setting an intention from the heart, feeling it within your body, and taking action to manifest that intention is a powerful tool towards creating and living an inspired life.

Week 2: Earth (Prithivi).  In order to manifest what we truly desire, it is necessary that we be grounded and connect to the Earth. How we choose to walk upon this earth, is a reflection of how we choose to live our lives. Learn how to effectively ground yourself and receive the loving support that is all around us. Explore grounding and strengthening, yet opening and receptive asanas.

Week 3: This will be an at home self-practice week.

Week 4: Water (Api). Bruce Lee often said to be like water. Water is fluid, flowing, soft, yet hard. It can take the shape, or form, of whatever container it is placed in. How are you being fluid in your life? Where are you being stagnant? Explore asanas that invite fluidity and tap into the emotive feminine nature of the water within us.

Week 5: Fire (Agni). Fire is part of what gives us life, what fuels our passion. It can either ignite you and inspire you to take action; or it can burn us, or other people, up through misguided or misdirected anger. Light the heart of the fire within you through asanas that invite us to both feel, build, or release heat.

Week 6: Air (Vayu). Anxiety, fear, ungroundedness, flatulence, bloating, belching, can all be signs of unbalanced vayu prana, or air, within our lives. Learn how to ground the air within us and the air that surrounds us and fulfills our lungs with breath through asanas that invite us to breathe and open our lungs.

Week 7: Ether/Space (Akasha). What would it feel like to experience freedom, bliss, unconditional love, an expansion? Explore asanas, movements, and sounds that combine all of the elements in an uplifting and heart-opening class that will invite you to deepen your love and compassion for yourself.

Bring a yoga mat, strap, and blocks. Wear comfortable clothes that you can move in.

Amanda Patti is an International Transformation Coach, and Holder of Sacred Space. She helps people release their limiting beliefs, reclaim their personal power, live authentically, and develop more intimate relationships. Amanda has been studying and practicing the art of personal growth, movement, and relationships for the past 22 years.

In 2014, she became a Certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach with the CHEK Institute. She is also a Certified Yoga Teacher, Student of Life, and humanitarian. At the heart of her work, Amanda has a desire to connect people to the core of who they are through a multi-dimensional approach to healing, rooted in traditional wisdom and modern arts.

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