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We all know when a room or home or office feels good and looks beautiful when we walk into it.
This amazing workshop teaches you how to get started with the practice of space clearing and establishing good energetic habits for your living and working space. We’ll call this Setting Up Your Space. This practice facilitates creativity and joy.
The first step in Setting Up Your Space is to clear the energy…..out with the old and in with the new and fresh energy! You will learn two energy clearing techniques. The first is a specific energy clearing technique to release stale energy. There will be a demonstration and you will have an opportunity to practice the use of this technique on yourself and your classmates. The second technique brings into play the use of sound; the sounds of different instruments and different types of music.
Once you have cleared the energy, the second step in setting up your space involves rebuilding the energy. I will demonstrate how to set up an energetic grid as the foundation of your cleared space. We will review and discuss the specific viewpoint you want to use for your space. Some of my favorite viewpoints are harmony, love and balance. The last part of the rebuild is the introduction of the Bagua which is a map used in Feng Shui. The Bagua guides the decision making process of organizing the energy and physical objects in your room.
The final step in setting up your space is to strengthen your cleared space so it holds your viewpoint (e.g. harmony, love and balance) consistently. Strengthening techniques need to be practiced daily. One technique brings into play the use of nature. This is often in the form of plants and flower arrangements. Specific placement can act as an energetic invitation. Another technique involves the use of scent. We will review scents that are commonly used. The use of smoke is a technique called smudging. We will also discuss the use of salt as a form of energetic housekeeping. The third technique is the use of special objects including crystals and images to anchor and strengthen the energy.
Please bring a floor plan of the room you want to clear.
This is a very interactive workshop and you leave with a great foundation to start the practice of clearing your space!!!