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Magic Monday: Moving Beyond Self Sabotage
Room: Workshop Space
Free Community Event with Amanda Leigh Patti!!
What is self-sabotage? What are some of the ways it shows up in our lives? How
does it feel when we self-sabotage? What would it feel like if we gave ourselves permission to move
beyond sabotaging behaviors? Who is running the show when we hold ourselves back from expressing
our full potential?
How many times have you set goals and/or intentions for yourself, but don’t seem to reach them?
Sometimes, we are more committed to our subconscious limitations than we are to realizing and
actualizing what it is our heart truly desires! And, most of the time, many of us are not aware of these
If you have told yourself, or have heard yourself say that you’re not good enough, are too much, or not
enough, find yourself skipping out on days in the gym, eat that extra cookie, don’t seem to get done
what needs getting done, watching your dreams sail past you, then you might be sabotaging yourself.
Whether you are looking to lose weight, get in shape, switch jobs, welcome a new partnership into your
life, reduce stress, or improve your current relationship, this free Magic Monday will provide you with
some practical tools to help you recognize self-sabotaging behaviors before they derail you and take
inspired action towards redirecting those patterns into more supportive ones.
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