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Magic Monday Acupuncture – Treatment Beyond Pain

Room: Workshop Space

Free Community Event with Rebekah Michaels Lic Ac, MAOM, Diplomate OM!!

Acupuncture is a healing modality with thousands of years of history. It was developed in East Asia and is now practiced throughout the world. The World Health Organization considers acupuncture a valid treatment for a wide selection of conditions from addiction and anxiety to IBS, fertility issues and the side effects of chemo-therapy. In the USA most people think of acupuncture as a modality for treating pain. While acupuncture does indeed treat pain this is only a small part of what acupuncture has to offer. In my presentation, we will explore the basic theory behind acupuncture and how it can be used to treat a wide variety of conditions beyond pain.

Our bodies are constantly balancing and rebalancing as we move through life (homeostasis), our physiological functions are adjusting and transforming in a continuous, dynamic and interdependent dance to keep us alive and functioning. The yin/yang symbol at the heart of Chinese medicine represents the concept of homeostasis very well we will use it as a jumping off point in this discussion. When things start to slide a little bit out of control in our lives we can use acupuncture to help restore the right relationship between yin and yang in ourselves and to promote an efficient and sustainable balance in our bodies and our minds. Almost everything that is worse with stress can be better with acupuncture!

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