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Form and Fulcrums II: Finding Rhythm and Utilizing

with Michael Oruch

Dates: Friday, April 3rd & Saturday, April 4th, 2020

Times:  9:00 am – 5:00 pm, each day

Class Fee: $375. Super Saver: $325 (60 plus days in advance)

Location: Healing Way Center, 57 Lake Shore Road, Salem, NH 03079, Phone: 978 269-7799 or email at info@healingwaycenter.com

To Register: Send a deposit of $100 (or full payment) made payable Michael Oruch 137 Bowery #4 NY NY 10002

Michael Oruch has taught Zero Balancing in the U.S. and internationally since 1996. He is the developer of ZB Form & Fulcrums I & ll, The 15 Minute ZB, The Restorative ZB, and ZB Fields & Fulcrums.

Form & Fulcrums II accesses and works with rhythm in relationship to Zero Balancing. The client’s rhythm, our rhythm, and the underlying rhythm of bones and skeleton, orchestrate with the fulcrums during the entire session. Finding and using rhythm is a key to doing an effective and wonderful Zero Balancing session. There are many aspects to utilizing movement in ZB. One, is using moving fulcrums during your session. In this class, in addition to reviewing the moving fulcrums from Core ZB, Michael teaches a number of new moving fulcrums and adds new applications for the ones we already know. Movement can address tenacious held energy and tensions in the body. Adding the additional factor of movement to our stationary fulcrums helps release and mobilize held tension in the skeletal system. Once we know these principles they open other avenues of exploration to our Zero Balancing sessions.

You Will Learn:

  • The principles and utilization of moving fulcrums
  • How to find your client’s rhythm
  • How to recognize your own rhythm and tendencies
  • To use local and integrating fulcrums together
  • Ways to establish the rhythm of your ZB session
  • Smooth transitions from one fulcrum or area to another
  • To address tenaciously held tensions
  • To improvise and be more creative in your ZB sessions

Prerequisites: Core ZB Program (ZB I and ZB II), Form & Fulcrums I or permission of the instructo

Additional Infmormation: For questions about the class please contact Michael Oruch at 212.219.8145 or mozb33@gmail.com
For questions about hotels and logistics, please contact Healing Way Center, 57 Lake Shore Road, Salem, NH 03079, Phone: 978 269-7799 or email at info@healingwaycenter.com

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