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with Cindy Mattingly

Date: 9/14/2018

From: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Room: Workshop Space

($200, 6 HOURS) 

I get many questions about crystals and there are multiple factors when you are selecting crystals ……or the crystals are selecting you.

Which crystals are the right ones for you?

This workshop is about the science of crystals and how to use them with knowledge to maximize the potential benefits.

We will learn why they are used for energy work, space clearing and jewelry. There will be multiple opportunities to practice using crystals during the workshop by working on each other. An additional bonus of this workshop is the exposure of how to use crystals in working with animals.

The quartz crystal is the most commonly known crystal. It is made up of the mineral silica organized in a crystalline form. Silica is the most abundant element present on Earth besides oxygen. It is associated with bone mineralization, skin, hair and nails health and immune system enhancement.

The crystalline structure is another important feature of crystals. It refers to the unique arrangement of the atoms, ions and molecules in a solid. It is describing a highly ordered system. The crystalized element will have different properties depending on how the molecular structure organizes itself. This organization allows crystals the ability to magnify, clarify, clear and align.

The crystal is a tool for the energy aware person or practitioner to work with their own or another’s energy to increase clarity in the energy, in the emotions and in the thinking. The effectiveness depends on the skill and awareness of the person because the crystal will magnify what is working as well as what is not working unless given clear directions.

There are many types of crystals and we will review different ones. We will learn the many ways to care for and work with crystals.

Come have a CRYSTAL-CLEAR day with us!!!!


My passion is helping people navigate the path to health and wellness using a holistic approach. I started as an Occupational Therapist in a variety of settings and have been learning ever since. Over the past 35 years I have added many different modalities and now combine bodywork with energy work to fit my client’s needs. With my love of learning and exploring, I am constantly adding new techniques to expand what I can offer.

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