Energy Healing – How Does it Work?

Energy: I have lately been appreciating my natural curiosity. It has led me down many paths and I have delved into a wide variety of subjects. I am so thankful that I keep asking the question “Why?”

My energetic sensitivity and curiosity have on occasion been a challenge to both me and my clients. With my clarity and ability to recognize what is true, I often hit the nail directly on the head – perhaps at times too directly. For me it’s a conscious decision to honor the information I receive, and to offer it to my clients – knowing there is the potential that they may not like it. They may need to change habits. They may need to fix things. It’s not always easy. Over time I have worked hard to learn to present the information in a way it can best be received. I have become wiser through these learning opportunities.

Out of this learning and many years of client sessions, I have developed an intuitive understanding of how healing happens both in the body and in the energy field, and how to bring it about. Healing energy causes a change. It restores and balances the flow of energy in the body. It activates the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

I will be co-teaching a free online workshop with Meg Keppler on September 19 and 26 called Energy Principles: An Introduction to Science and Healing Energy.

I am so excited to have co-developed a workshop on this topic. It gives descriptive words to my experience of healing energy, and complements it with my love of science. Making my day when I can clearly explain something that seems to a client to be a miracle, but to me is a regular occurrence. Helping the client shift their own beliefs around what is possible in their healing journey. Through this workshop, we hope to shift yours.

I know at this point we do not have a way to measure what is really going on when healing energy is at work. I do know that I trust my experience, and the experiences of my clients. The scientific evidence will eventually come.

We hope to share this workshop with you so too have the words to describe your experience of energy healing.

Big Hugs and Much Love,