Curious About Dowsing? One Man’s Experience!

Let me tell you a story about dowsing.

I have been dowsing for almost 20 years. Dowsing is an amazing tool for confirming and validating my intuition. But this story is not about me, it’s about my sweetie and husband, Mark.

dowsingMark is an engineer who owns a software company. He is a thinker and is very science based. Mark is curious, and like most engineers, he likes to test things himself to understand how they work. He has asked me lots of questions about dowsing. How does it work? Where is the science? How do you know the energy is what you are saying it is? How do you know you’re not moving the dowsing tool yourself? You get it. Lots of questions with no answers he liked or accepted.

My final answer was along the lines of ‘this is my experience of the energy. You should try it and have your own experience, then we can discuss your questions’.

He did! Mark finally attended one of my dowsing workshops. He was well-behaved during the teaching part with the right amount of questioning. When we got to the practice sessions, he had several ‘a-ha’ moments. The real game changer however, was when the group practiced dowsing chakras. As the teacher, I explained to the class that a chakra is a real thing, an energy vortex where the energy is moving in and out, and that a pendulum will respond to this energy. As Mark passed his pendulum over the chakras of his workshop partner lying on the table, his pendulum moved slightly as he dowsed each chakra. When he got to the heart chakra, however, he exclaimed “WOW!”. He explained to me that even though he was absolutely sure he wasn’t swinging the pendulum himself, that at the heart chakra it started swinging much more noticeably than it had over the other chakras. He tried this a couple of times, making sure each time that he wasn’t swinging the pendulum himself. Each time the pendulum swung very noticeably at the heart chakra! This was a profound experience for Mark. Seeing is believing, and experience is a great teacher.

Now that Mark has had the experience, he frequently asks me to dowse for him. My hope is to have Mark start to dowse for himself!

Mark asks me to share the following I have always been open minded about Cindy’s energy work – neither doubting nor blindly accepting. However, when I dowsed my partner’s chakras during the workshop, and saw my own pendulum respond dramatically to the heart chakra, it was clear to me that something was going on here that I could not explain from the perspective of my existing framework. This was new! I believe this class is an excellent introduction to energy work for those who are curious, but have not yet experienced it themselves.

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Big Hugs and Much Love,