Divine Feminine

Divine Feminine

By Cindy Mattingly

This sounds corny to some part of me…..Divine Feminine.  This is neither something I was raised with nor a concept I learned about in my training as an Occupational Therapist. It is not something my religious education taught or ANYONE ever shared. Strange that it is so important now.

It is something that has happened organically.  It has come from deep process work with women whom I describe as my soul sisters.  They hold the most sensitive part of me with great respect and are protective of me when parts of me are not kind to me.  Sounds like crazy talk but anyone who has done this journey understands these words.  It is scary and precious.  It is so necessary to the evolution of all of us but especially to me or rather ME

The Divine Feminine is the very essence of my SELF.  This beautiful energetic aspect is amazingly strong and resilient.  She has been quiet and now cannot be.  The world needs the unconditional love she offers.  The loving kindness….many different words and descriptions and none of them capture her incredible qualities.  Embodiment of these qualities is challenging because our day to day world does not encourage gentle and kind.  Matter of fact people wonder what you are up to if you approach them this way. They are suspicious.

Wow…..maybe I should throw everyone I meet into confusion by doing something that reflects friendliness and kindness?  Maybe the confusion is an opportunity to give something like a shock to their system so that they might greet the next person with a loving statement or look.  Mmmmm……maybe I can start a grassroots revolution?????

May she guide my every stepDivine Feminine

May her expression be through me.

May this create concentric circles out into the world for peace on earth.