Animal Energy Healing

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Animal Energy Healing I will be teaching Basic Animal Reiki on Saturday December 5, 2020 from 9-12 on Zoom. I can't wait!!! I love working with animals; they are so clear with their communication. We are all in relationship with these incredible beings who can read our energy and know if we are balanced. It is amazing that we have this opportunity to give back to our animal companions. What does the workshop cover? To attend, students must be certified at the Reiki II level or above. Send in a copy of your certificate, sign up for the class, and we are ready to go. The workshop will start with a review of key concepts from the first two [...]

Reiki Offerings & Reflections on Upcomining Classes

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Reflections on Reiki I like options and I really like helping... I always ask myself what can I do to help the greatest number of people? Reiki! Healing Way Center is offering two Reiki classes: Reiki I&II (offered as a single class), and Basic Animal Reiki. You can take one or both! REIKI I: Saturday, October 24, 9:00am - 4:00pm. REIKI II: Saturday, October 31, 9:00am - 4:00pm. Class Fee: $325 discounted to $200. Reiki I and Reiki II must be taken together. A 50% discount is available to students who have already completed Reiki I. You must provide a copy of your certificate for the discount to apply. Reiki is a Japanese energy technique that reduces stress and [...]

Helping George the Cat

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Helping George Helping George the Cat By Keri Stella For those of you have seen my personal blogs, I’ve talked about my friend, George, before.  He’s a gorgeous, sweet, lovable cat, who also happens to be deaf and blind.  I’ve worked with him a few times over the last year, giving him reiki either where he lives or at my house, and communicating with him from a distance – among my first experiences with animal communication!  I met George, through his person, Mary Beth, who is a friend of mine at another company we both work for. So, here’s the latest story of George.  About a couple of weeks ago, Mary Beth and I sat down over coffee, [...]

Turtle Power

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Turtle Power By Jennifer O'Leary-Chen This story has special significance to me.  When I was younger, whenever my mom & I would see a turtle on the road needing help, we'd help it.  It was one of our things. My mom passed away 8 years ago.  Another special interest we shared was 4-H.  We both volunteered for this youth organization.  She had been Department Chairperson of the Environmental Department at the Middlesex county 4-H Fair.  I also became a Chairperson, and in honor of my mom’s memory, fellow 4-H volunteers set up a memorial fund in my mom’s name.  Money from this fund is awarded yearly to a child who prepares an exhibit embodying environmentalism, hard work and creativity. A couple [...]

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