Holding Space for Yourself & Upcoming Changes

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Holding Space for Yourself and Others and Upcoming Changes As I started writing this week’s Magic Mondays - Holding Space for Yourself and Others – I found myself really caught up in contemplating the concepts of Holding Space as they apply to myself! I love what I do. I deeply enjoy sharing what I have learned through my trainings and experiences. This being said… I have an intuitive sense that what I do and how I do it is changing. I have been hesitating to allow the changes to happen because I have been treating and teaching for such a long time. It is a well-worn and well-loved path. But, I need to hold the space for change to [...]

Purpose and Path Reflections

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Reflections on Path and Purpose I spend a good amount of my meditation practice in contemplation of the way the world works. I am fascinated by my perception and interpretation of what is called Reality. The more mindful I am, the more I see and recognize clues and signs that the energy of my reality flows in a certain direction. I would love to have a “map” of this flow so that I might be prepared and ready for upcoming changes. I’ve yet to find the map! I believe my map can only be perceived in the moment as I consciously experience my own unique journey.  I believe that we all have a path and purpose Purpose is an innate [...]

Covid Reflections & The Wisdom of Others

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Covid Reflections & The Wisdom of Others I believe there is great wisdom in the experience of others. I have gathered thoughts from my family, friends, and clients who have had COVID as to what behaviors and items they found most helpful, and what they would recommend to others who want to have a 'COVID kit' at home. My intention is to help those in our community be prepared!     Helpful Behaviors When Sick with Covid: Keep meals simple Cut out sugar Drink lots of tea Use honey - helps with the cough Hydrate!!! Place your liquid for the day out ahead of time Set a timer to remind you  Tonic water Non-carbonated Electrolytes: 'Nuun Sport' (Add tablets to [...]

Keeping My Vibe & Energy High

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Keeping My Vibe High  May each and every one of you have a beautiful December! Vibe: There is a lot of talk on social media, the news and among neighbors, I pass on my walks about the 'struggle'. The struggle of the holidays, the virus, and finances due to all of these things. The energy is one of frustration and in some cases anger. I start wondering how I can best keep my 'vibe' high in the middle of it all. My first thoughts are along the lines of knowing that we are all connected. This is why the overwhelming feeling of the struggle is so very present. We are sensing each other's challenges as well as our own. I [...]

The Energy of Food: Best Hot Cocoa

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The Energy of Food: Best Hot Cocoa The Best Hot Cocoa on the Planet! I love reading cookbooks. I like to imagine what a dish will taste like based on the ingredients. I enjoy recipes that are simple to follow and have clear instructions. I have a 'knowing' if a recipe will work or not. I think of this knowing as my reading the Energy of the Food... the vibration of the Ingredients.  My cooking hobby has turned into a passion. I pretty much went vegetarian after I left home for college at 17. Meat had never agreed with me.  I have experimented with veganism off and on over the years but I didn't know enough to make it [...]

Animal Energy Healing

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Animal Energy Healing I will be teaching Basic Animal Reiki on Saturday December 5, 2020 from 9-12 on Zoom. I can't wait!!! I love working with animals; they are so clear with their communication. We are all in relationship with these incredible beings who can read our energy and know if we are balanced. It is amazing that we have this opportunity to give back to our animal companions. What does the workshop cover? To attend, students must be certified at the Reiki II level or above. Send in a copy of your certificate, sign up for the class, and we are ready to go. The workshop will start with a review of key concepts from the first two [...]

Being Fully Present

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Being Fully Present I think it's unusual for a person to be fully present with another person. Why is this? Listening 'fully' is challenging! Our mind is usually chattering along with the person speaking. When in conversation, there's an unspoken expectation that one person will truly listen while the other talks, and that the roles will then be reversed. I think that often the 'listener' is not fully listening but rather thinking about what they want to say next.  There are many distractions for the listener when trying to focus on the person speaking.  What a great hairstyle! Her clothes are very nice. Great dress but blue is not her color. I'm not sure I agree with what she's saying. [...]

Bullying the dynamic from the viewpoint of energy

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Reflections on Bullying I see bullying everywhere I look! What is going on in our world? I would like to reflect on the dynamic of bullying from the viewpoint of energy. Bullies use force, coercion, or threat. There is always an energy distortion. This can be real and tangible like the possibility of the power imbalance between a boss and employee, or it can be the more covert energetic expression of spreading rumors, verbal innuendos, or social "don't be friends with them. The bullying dynamic leads to a lot of suffering on both sides. The bully is often a person unconsciously wanting to 'balance up' their energy so they feel better about themselves. Often this person has not been [...]

Reiki Offerings & Reflections on Upcomining Classes

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Reflections on Reiki I like options and I really like helping... I always ask myself what can I do to help the greatest number of people? Reiki! Healing Way Center is offering two Reiki classes: Reiki I&II (offered as a single class), and Basic Animal Reiki. You can take one or both! REIKI I: Saturday, October 24, 9:00am - 4:00pm. REIKI II: Saturday, October 31, 9:00am - 4:00pm. Class Fee: $325 discounted to $200. Reiki I and Reiki II must be taken together. A 50% discount is available to students who have already completed Reiki I. You must provide a copy of your certificate for the discount to apply. Reiki is a Japanese energy technique that reduces stress and [...]

Permission Reflections on Energy

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Reflections on Permission Permission: Understanding how energy works in our physical world is one of my passions. I enjoy hunting down information about the science of energy and connecting it to my experience of how energy healing operates. I enjoy teaching about energy concepts in my workshops. I believe that as we come to understand the workings of what we call reality, we have more ease navigating and being in the flow of our lives. The musing for today is about having Permission. It is a fundamental must to request this of a person when offering to work in their energy field. This reflection is not about passing judgment or shaming or blaming. It is something to ponder. Must I [...]

Zero Balancing Free Introduction!

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Zero Balancing Free Introduction! I have shared that I am in the Zero Balancing Teacher Training (ZBTT) program. I have the honor of working with twenty-three ZB Practitioners from all over the world. We started earlier this year meeting virtually. This virtual learning will continue until June of 2021 when we will meet in person for the first time in California. Can't wait!!! Zero Balancing Happening  I will be giving, on three different dates, an introductory talk about Zero Balancing! I will provide an overview of ZB, share Zero Balancing's history, some benefits and especially the concepts of energy and structure that make ZB unique. I will demonstrate the vocabulary of touch that we use as practitioners and why [...]

Guest Blog with Caitlin Marino

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Energy Guest Blog with Caitlin Marino. I am co-teaching an Energy Series with Caitlin Marino.  We are having a blast!!!! I am delighted to share her blog.  Enjoy... This simple daily practice of aligning with the highest vibrations has brought miracles, peace, and grace into my everyday life. I invite you to give it a try and notice what miracles show up for you. I first discovered this practice when it led me to an alternative healing clinic whose practitioners would save my life when I was 25 years old. I had hit the rock bottom of my life and due to physical illness, I was very sick, depleted, weak, and facing death. In an act of desperation, I [...]


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 Blessings I have recently found myself having many conversations around gratitude and blessings. I want to share some of my thoughts on the importance of having this vibration in your life.   My awareness around this topic was heightened as I prepared for the Energy Mastery Series 1 workshop. During this workshop, we shared how to 'bless' the pendulums or dowsing rods being used by students. The approach can apply to any tool or object that a person uses and considers to be sacred. I think of a blessing as words that ask for special consideration, help and clarity. I use a blessing with anything that I feel requires respect and mindfulness - for example, anything I use for my [...]

The Case for Touch: Guest Blogger Amanda King

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The Case for Touch: Guest Blogger Amanda King I am honored and delighted to have Amanda King as a guest blogger. She is coming to teach Zero Balancing I this fall. Enjoy her insights !!!! My sense is, as a bodyworker, that healing possibilities through touch are infinite. Professional touch, while geared to provide a consistency of experience to the client, also allows for that person's individual response to a multitude of factors, including pain sensitivity, pressure, etc. In approaching a new client, for example, I ask her if she is used to touch, therapeutic or otherwise. If not, I approach such a client with greater awareness so as to provide an experience of the potentials of touch. In massage, [...]

Social Media: Connect, Share and Learn

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Social Media: Connect, Share and Learn Staying connected is the number one way to make our world not shrink. Social media allows us to stay connected, share information and build a virtual community where we can learn and interact with one another.  Take a peek at the biggest social media platforms, my thoughts on them, and links to connect with Healing Way Center on each platform! YouTube - If you want to 'see', here is the way.  Youtube is a great platform for watching instructional videos. It offers a wide spectrum of offerings. You can get quick, under-3-minute answers to your questions, or full hour-long classes that walk you through a topic step-by-step.  Please take a look at our [...]

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