Reflections on Bullying

I see bullying everywhere I look!

What is going on in our world?

I would like to reflect on the dynamic of bullying from the viewpoint of energy.

Bullies use force, coercion, or threat. There is always an energy distortion. This can be real and tangible like the possibility of the power imbalance between a boss and employee, or it can be the more covert energetic expression of spreading rumors, verbal innuendos, or social “don’t be friends with them.

The bullying dynamic leads to a lot of suffering on both sides. The bully is often a person unconsciously wanting to ‘balance up’ their energy so they feel better about themselves. Often this person has not been shown how to ‘balance’ energetically or internally. Instead, they seek to address their needs externally and at the expense of another person.

The person being bullied is also often ‘stuck’, not knowing how to change their side of the dynamic. This person is often unaware that there are options. They need to be shown how to not absorb the energy of the situation and develop internal resources.

I would think that both parties must be yearning to stop the pain of their suffering.

I am concerned when I feel the energy of inflammatory words or actions. Someone is going to get hurt. I choose to shift the energy of the bullying dynamic. There are other choices. Practice mindfulness. Listen for the underlying intention without being caught up in the energy of the emotion. Divert attention. I was the young girl on the school bus who stood up to the big farm boys when they picked on the little ones.  

Awareness, mindfulness, intention… How can the dynamic of bullying be healed? I hope my reflections give you some things to contemplate.


Big Hugs and Much Love,