Animal Energy Healing

I will be teaching Basic Animal Reiki on Saturday December 5, 2020 from 9-12 on Zoom. I can’t wait!!!

I love working with animals; they are so clear with their communication. We are all in relationship with these incredible beings who can read our energy and know if we are balanced. It is amazing that we have this opportunity to give back to our animal companions.

What does the workshop cover?

To attend, students must be certified at the Reiki II level or above. Send in a copy of your certificate, sign up for the class, and we are ready to go.

The workshop will start with a review of key concepts from the first two Reiki levels. Why? Different Reiki Master teachers often present the same concepts in different ways. I want to make sure that we are on the same page and using the same language about Reiki.

Next, I will cover intuition and how it helps the student listen to and read the animal’s energy. We will have time to discuss this topic so that each student feels confident with this important tool. There are additional steps to using your intuition to communicate with the animal, but this ‘Animal Communication’ is just one part of animal energy work. The first and most important step is to increase your awareness of your own intuition so that you can start the process of having an energetic dialogue with your animal client.

Another concept we will discuss is the need to observe for working signs when offering Reiki to animals. These signs add clarity to your delivery of an effective session. Signs are behaviors you can see. A sign may be a change in the animal’s breathing pattern; the animal may start to pant for example. Another example of a sign is a shift in the direction of the animal’s gaze. It may stare at you for a long time or stare off into space. All signs give the Reiki practitioner an opportunity to improve the delivery of the Reiki session and to help the owner recognize that their animal is having an experience.

Please take time to view this YouTube video of a session I gave to Frankie!

Big Hugs and Much Love,