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Meet Carolyn L. Kusinski, PHD

As a young girl I asked —“What is reality and how will I know when I’ve met it?”  This inquiry is at the heart of why I continually study, teach, and apply ways to dynamically and consciously balance all that I do and then offer that to others.

My career as a business owner, senior corporate executive, and research scientist; my joy as a wife and mother; and my love of nature and of living with the mystery of creative expression fuels the larger inquiry of my life.

For 35 years I have studied with renowned teachers in the Shambhala Buddhist, Taoist, and Native American traditions and taught Mindfulness Meditation.  Synthesizing and applying the wisdom of these traditions to the practicalities of modern life and enterprise is my life’s passion.

I use a powerful methodology which I developed for working with the challenges and opportunities people face when they commit to living their fullest life. This method involves a strategic conversation between our inner and outer landscapes, and is designed to lead to a whole, engaged, and thriving experience. This method is known as The Stone Work/Mandala Process and I offer it through my business, Advisor for Enlightened Living at

That is where my student and co facilitator relationship with the Taoist lineage holder and author Eva Wong began—exploring how we bring the best of wisdom traditions and skills to the modern world. From that, the workshop on Living a Balanced Life emerged and with it profound and very accessible teachings not widely available. We offer an entirely new and dynamic insight into what balance and consciousness are and a workbook that engages people well beyond the workshop.

Let’s positively influence the future.  Let’s come together to consciously balance our lifestyles so we can contribute in our unique ways. Let’s live fully empowered lifestyles based on engaging our realities and enjoying ourselves along the way.

If you are interested in the May 5 and 6th event  Living a Balanced Life: Ancient Taoist Wisdom for Modern Lifestyles with Dr. Eva Wong and Dr. Carolyn Krusinski

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