by Carolyn Krusinski, Phd

We are in a dynamic conversation with the phenomenal world about how the interconnectedness of our lives is continually enriching and challenging us. There is always a bit of magic in the air when the world shows up to help us along our life’s journey. That’s been my lifelong experience. And yet, it surprises me again and again.

And we can’t always plan, control, negotiate, or cajole experience on our own terms. These experiences arise continuously like interconnected circles that form and dissolve throughout our lives. This is something to recognize and celebrate. This is something to master. This is the interplay of Balance. 

The topic of Balance is timely. The world is in flux at an increasing speed. We are active players. We definitely are. We are active as open, focused, and conscious leaders of our own lifestyle. Learning practical tools and organizing frameworks and gaining potent personal insights about this dynamic journey are critical. How we play with our world, what dance we do, is connected to being in dynamic balance with our mind and body and with our world. How we consciously engage all aspects of our public, domestic, inner and spirit lives—our lifestyle. 

Balance is one of those words that can mean many different things to each of us. When we think we have it, there can be a tendency to hold on for the ride. If it seems to elude our grasp, it is an echo that we longingly hear in the distance and perhaps even turn back to try to recover. Sometimes we realize that methods for finding balance that worked well for us in the past, no longer apply. This can be puzzling and challenging. And who makes the rules up in this balancing act called life anyway?

Some pieces of wisdom and experience never go out of date. Personally, these tools and multifaceted access to my consciousness on a deep and practical level has hit the mark of daily living with a sense of greater freedom and ease, come what may. I appreciate the Taoist tradition for holding and applying these wise and practical teachings for centuries. I am grateful for Eva’s keen understanding of how to offer them to the modern world with such clarity, potency, and results. Together we lead you into the skill of balancing the circles of wisdom and accomplishment we all possess. 

The circles that hold what we wish to balance will naturally arise and eventually fall apart, sometimes with our blessings and sometimes when we weren’t watching. With clarity and conscious, strategic adjustments, we can increase and ride the energy and vitality of our lives. We can co-create the lives we want to live and the future we want to leave as a legacy. 

We can lead an interesting life — knowing that when Balance is at play, possibilities abound. Please join us.

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About Carolyn Krusinski, PhD
Dr. Carolyn Krusinski is a business woman, entrepreneur and transformation agent. A senior teacher and mindfulness/awareness meditation instructor in the Shambhala Buddhist Lineage, she has trained in other deep wisdom streams: Buddhism, Shamanism, Native American tradition, and Taoism, with Eva Wong. Engaged as an Advisor for Enlightened Living, she seeks to innovate with inspired leaders to transform society.