by Cynthia Mattingly

Back from Costa Rica at the office:  It was a strange feeling to come into the office when I got caught up at home so much later than my normal time.  Something has shifted from the work with the horses……it is not conscious.

Many of the conversations in Costa Rica were about being on horse time.  There is an allowing for things to happen as they need to.  This embraces the concept of divine timing and giving nature the space to form the energy pattern that is best suited for the situation. I know that I do this in many areas of my life but not all aspects.  I have this when I do sessions and when I teach.  I watch and wait for the ideal moment to offer support.  This is interesting for me to notice that this concept does not permeate everywhere in my world.  Why?

Why do I hesitate to allow this incredible and powerful energy to do what it does naturally?

It has to be fear. Fear of making a mistake, maybe.  More than likely fear of doing harm……of hurting someone or something. Even as I write these words I feel the anxiety of the possibility.  Wow!  This is amazing to me that this is still a “thing” with me.  This is a new awareness that this is a guiding unconscious thought that creates hesitation and worry and is crazy awesome! I know to be aware gives me a chance of healing this drag on my energy and my world.  I know that this is just the beginning because this deep change will take more focus and effort to clear.

I am excited to align myself with a new thought pattern that will guide the absorption and integration of the next level of my thinking around my path and purpose.

On an adventure…….WhooooHooooo!!!!

Back With Clients:……….LOVE what I do!!!   I am so humbled by the bravery and courage that each person exhibits.   They handle their life situations with consciousness so basically with eyes wide open.  May not like what is happening and quite uncomfortable but still taking a step forward.  I learn something every day.

With my clients, as well as  in the Costa Rica workshop I was reminded that everyone needs an opportunity to be vulnerable and to be safe in that vulnerability.  Do you have a place where you can show and share your weaknesses?  Is it a loving and kind place? I hope so.  This awareness facilitates and deepens my commitment to hold this space for the people in my world and everyone I met.  This is a tall order but I will surround myself with like- minded people so that when I stumble there is someone around to support me.  Oh, right…….I will need to show my vulnerability and hopefully role model that it’s okay.  I will then give someone in my inner circle a chance to hold me in the love and kindness so that I can take the next step forward.

Sounds simple?  I will tell you that it is not for this independent, determined (some people call it stubborn) farm girl……it is not.  I want to do it myself because then I will know that it gets done right. Mmmmmm……right? What that really means is that it is done the way I want it done.  Unbelievable, that I am struggling with receiving support and the possibility that the support woul

Costa Rica

d be exactly what I need.

Phewwww…….I started with vulnerability and end up with another concept.  Receiving support.

Vulnerability, stumbling, receiving support.  In the past I would say it has not consistently been my experience and here is when the determined part of me comes up.

So let’s create an environment where it is the norm to be safe in our vulnerability.

Big Hugs and Love