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Healing Way Center Testimonials

We find that one of the most effective ways to understand the lasting effect and value of sessions at the Healing Way Center is to ask the clients. Here are just a few of the testimonials offered by grateful customers who have benefited from the wisdom, training and experience of the Healing Way Center Team.

Craniosacral Therapy “Cindy has provided care and healing to every level of my being: physical, mental and spiritual with her amazingly wide knowledge of so many healing modalities including cranio-sacral, reiki, zero balancing, lymphatic drainage, energy work and above all her deep intuition and compassion in helping others. She has helped me heal from bacterial infections, allergenic skin reactions, dental injuries affecting my jaw and neck, depression, adrenal imbalances, back spasms; brain symptoms caused by a high fever; the list could go on and on. She has even helped me toward reaching my optimal well being in finding the right nutrition for my body. If that weren’t more than enough Cindy is continually growing and seeking to learn more in bringing her unique gifts to healing others. Her dedication to her spiritual growth as a healer has inspired me in my own personal growth. “
Marge - Sudbury, MA
Customized Bodywork “I appreciate everything Cindy has done for me, whether getting me back after chemo and Radiation and all that she has done for me to make me more healthy.  She always tells me a little improvement that I can do for my self.  She was so helpful on making me feel better after my cancer and continues to make me feel well!”
Pamela - Lawrence, MA
Lymphatic Drainage “Cindy, you are a skilled practitioner and I trust completely to take care of my health concern for which I’m seeing you. One thing that differentiates you from many others is your positive persona; how you speak of others lets me know how you will speak of me… and I am capable of having completely unedited conversations with you. That’s awesome.  I also have taken your comments about my current level of health – in my feet being too tight right now – seriously and am taking actions to make that better. Thank you.”
Lora B. - Andover, MA
Customized Bodywork “As a person who has lived with M.S. for the past 40 years, I bring a wide and changing array of symptoms to any given treatment session. Cynthia has shown a remarkable talent for easing my body back into some sense of “normalcy” by skillfully blending a variety of treatment modalities. By her gentle teaching as she works, I’ve learned much. I’ve seen a number of massage therapists over the years, but Cindy is, by far, the one I would most recommend.”
Sharon C. - Andover, MA
Customized Bodywork “In the summer and fall of 2007 I had a neck and shoulder problem. At one point it was so bad that I couldn’t raise my hands above my shoulders without pain. I began seeing a chiropractor, and by November it was about 60% better; however, it was still very uncomfortable. At that point the chiropractor told me he’d done all he could do and that I’d probably have to have a cortisone shot.

I was opposed to that unless absolutely necessary. I’d heard of Cindy Mattingly and her five different massage modalities, and I asked the chiropractor what he thought. He said it was worth a try. Long story short, within 60 days I was back to full functionality. All pain was gone and I had full flexibility in my shoulders.

I have continued to see Cindy to maintain the level of comfort that she helped me achieve…she’s definitely a valuable source of comfort for me.”

Jim E. - Andover, MA
Pediatric Craniosacral Therapy “I first started visiting Cindy about a year ago when my second child was having breast feeding difficulties.  My newborn son was clamping, and  I had heard that cranial sacral therapy could be helpful with this problem.  I also knew from my past experience with my first son, that my second son would not grow out of this problem, and visiting a lactation specialist did not help either.  So I brought my son to Cindy for cranial sacral treatments.  By the third visit, the entire problem became evident.   Not only did my son have issues with his mouth he also had torticollis.  Cindy successfully treated the  torticollis in two visits.  According to conventional medicine, torticollis is caused by tight muscles on one side of the neck, head and body.  Cindy assured me that is was nerve tension and that once the nerves were relaxed  the muscles would become relaxed.  No horrible stretching necessary.  She was right!  The nursing became much easier when my son could turn his head properly and latch on better.  He still has a tight latch, but it works.

I continue to bring both of my sons to Cindy on a regular basis.  I have found her treatments to be helpful with developmental transitions, colds, stress, etc. and during a single visit she sees both boys.  She treats both children with very age appropriate approaches, and they love to visit Cindy.  Cranial sacral therapy is a much gentler kinder form of healing which helps to keep my boys healthy and happy, and Cindy is excellent at what she does. ” 

Sheila R. - Haverhill, MA
Customized Bodywork and Energywork “Cindy is able to provide, with knowledge and expertise, the nurturing support I need to trust my body, mind and spirit to do its healing magic. Whether bodywork or energy work. It’s ALL good.”
Carrie L. - North Andover, MA
Customized Bodywork “My life has been forever changed through Cindy’s care. Her dedication to her craft and her genuine concern for “wholeness” for her clients will be apparent to you before your first session has finished. Yes, Cindy is very knowledgeable about the human body (I learn something new every session), but she also understands that physical discomfort affects our spirit. To know that your body can be returned to a state of calm does wonders for the mind. Cindy is someone of whom you will say ‘I wish I had met her sooner’.”
Leslie O. - Lawrence, MA
Craniosacral Therapy “People like Cynthia only come along once in a lifetime and I am very honored to be her patient. Cynthia is one of the most caring and loving people that I have ever met. She is perfection at work in my book and continues to do wonders in helping me “see the light”. Cynthia continues to lift me up when I am down with her always ever lifting spirit and wonderful sense of humor while utilizing her God given talents through an alternative medicine approach to healing.Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have done for me. Words are just not enough to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude for your heart felt services.” 
Daniel D. - Wakefield, MA
Lymphatic Drainage “I cannot say enough about the amazing care I have received from Cindy.

Her presence and soothing voice alone put you in a state of relaxation because you can feel that she genuinely cares about people. Because she is trained in various areas, she is able to treat you in so many different ways depending on your situation that particular day. On quite a few occasions I would walk in with my sinuses so clogged I could hardly breathe and would walk out after her session feeling unbelievable. I tell Cindy all the time that if I could visit her every day I would!

Desi S. - Boxford, MA
Customized Bodywork “When I first came to Cindy over four years ago, I never guessed what it would lead to and how it would change my life. Our work together has moved from predominantly physical to mostly energy work. Through this, I have become more healthy, centered, and confident. I see Cindy on a regular basis and find that, no matter how stressed life has become, I leave feeling that I can meet the next challenge that life tosses my way. I have recently completed a series of classes with Cindy and am now a Reiki Master, passing along some of the wealth I have received from her. I find it hard to express how blessed I feel to have found this creative, caring, and exceptionally competent person.”
Meg K. - Bradford, MA
Customized Bodywork “I went to Cindy for face pain after my medical doctors were unable to diagnose the cause. Through a combination of CranioSacral Therapy, Myofascial Release, Reiki and Zero balancing Cindy was able to provide me with the relief I was desperately looking for.”
Judy S. - Westford, MA
Lymphatic Drainage “In the years that I have known Cindy Mattingly, I have found her to be a highly competent, reliable, and effective clinician. Her eclectic approach makes her stand out among her peers. She has brought me peace of mind and balance of body. Through her efforts my life experiences have been enriched.

I have learned much from Cindy on a physical, spiritual, and emotional plane. There are new insights in every session and her “homework” makes me an active part of my continual well-being. I look forward to sessions with Cindy not only for the health benefits but also for the caring, warm, humor-filled, non-judgmental, rejuvenating approach she brings to each session.”

Susan W. - Groveland, MA
“As I struggled with addiction, depression and low – to-no self-esteem, I spent years consulting with a variety of healers, but I rarely got good results because we were not addressing the root cause of my issues and the opportunities for good inherent in different situations in my life – however undesirable they might seem to be to me. In my work with Cindy, I’ve gotten the opportunity not only to heal wounds to my self-esteem, but also to uncover my authentic self, my self-respect and to step into wholeness.

I find Cindy to be unfailingly kind, compassionate and honest in her work as she follows spirits’ guidance on how to best heal any issue. In my view, the best healers are totally trustworthy and invested in their clients’ healing, while at the same time remaining somewhat detached in that they never let their egos get attached to the results and she embodies all that.

I always feel “fed” after our sessions, and I have been able to change the way I am in the world for good. I guess you could say I’ve been able to become more invested in solutions than in problems. In these days, there are many so called “new age” healers who present a rather superficial methods for healing…while true healing involves hard work and is infinitely rewarding. It’s working in accordance with universal truth, versus going for the easy fix, and Cindy works in that energy.”

Long time client/Happy lifer
Customized Bodywork “I can’t say enough wonderful things about Cindy. She is very knowledgeable about her work and extremely professional. I was in an accident in 2005 and Cindy was such a big help with my recovery. To this day I continue to see Cindy and I very much feel that Cindy is a big reason I have my health. She is helping me age as gracefully as possible and she is just a truly nice person.”
Sharon W. - Methuen, MA
Class Testimonials
Reiki 2 “Totally awesome & jaw dropping & indescribable.”
Jennifer O. - Nashua, NH
Reiki 2 “Reiki has always been interesting to me, but after meeting Cindy –I realized I wanted to take the next step. I’ve long been committed to healing survivors of abuse and I now have a new powerful pathway for that.”
Eva M. - Haverhill, MA