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RYSE Training Graduation

RYSE Training Graduation

RYSE® (Realizing Your Sublime Energies) is a new energy modality that helps you clear the blocks in your energy field allowing you to experience more clarity, awareness and the ability to manifest your desires more quickly and easily. Created by Nancy Risley, RYSE® is a life-changing experience based on this simple yet profound concept; we can perceive and affect our sublime energy systems through focused awareness. This takes place in 4 parts:

RYSE 1 – Education and clearing of chakras, aura, ida and pingala, air pattern, inner male and inner female, accessing the blueprint of your highest potential.

RYSE 2 – Second level clearing and alignment of previous work plus the relationship of your sublime energy systems to your life force, holding your power, perceiving your energy system health, clearing cellular memories, expectation release work, and additional techniques for aligning with your highest potential.

RYSE 3 – Enhancing your life force, holding your power and third level clearing of primary systems in preparation for deeper work on clearing your energy systems. Includes clearing the energy systems of all developmental cycles and sub personalities. Focus on highest potential and fulfillment of the blueprint.

RYSE 4 – Fourth level clearing on primary patterns and continuation of how you hold your life force. Clearing and aligning the energy systems for fulfillment of highest potential and energy-based solution work. Focus on the refinement of skills in dynamic control of personal energy systems to increase your life force and personal power.

I was totally blown away by the positive energy and after many, many Energy Healing Sessions prior to Cindy’s class I actually felt my 2nd Chakra open!! Cindy made each class a very understandable learning experience. I could go on & on but if anyone reads this they have to try it out!!! Incredible!!
Mary N.
I enjoyed the RYSE program and especially found Cindy’s teaching style to be clear and concise. I thank you for the opportunity to be part of RYSE. It has certainly created many shifts and much energetic movement for me!
Stephanie C.
RYSE with Cindy was a good experience. Cindy (as always) was a dynamic & knowledgeable speaker and she and Tammy were full of love & light & support for the clearings.
Jen O.
I love the meditations Cindy sent after – I found and still find them very useful, using them nearly everyday.
Jen O.
RYSE with Cindy not only helped to open my Crown & 3rd Eye Chakras & clear me, it also strengthened my energetic container.  In addition, I am beginning to see the “flow of energy” between people & situations.
Jen O.


Group meets 4 times for 2 hours at a time. There is education about your energy systems followed by a group clearing. The group energy increases the experience of the participants. Must attend all 4 sessions in sequence.

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An individual session will clear all the areas of your energy system with time to answer your personal questions. These can be stand alone sessions or can be used to supplement the group series.

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This includes:

  • Group Series RYSE 1-4 (value $300)
  • 4 Individual RYSE Sessions for support between each group session. This deepens the outcome of the RYSE experience (value $600)
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15 INDIVIDUAL RYSE SESSIONS: $1,800 (value $2,250)
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10 INDIVIDUAL RYSE SESSIONS: $1,350 (value $1,500)
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RYSE Book: $22.50 – w/discount $16.73

RYSE 5 CD set: $110.00 – w/discount $105.19

Moon Suite CD: $15.95 – w/discount $15.25

Individual RYSE CD: $22.00 – w/discount $21.04

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