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Geralyn Vasile Reflexology

Geralyn Vasile

Practitioner Feature:

Geralyn Vasile

Massage Therapist

My career in massage therapy started as a spark of inspiration after meeting a massage therapist visiting the hospice house I was volunteering with. I had always been drawn to the holistic and compassionate care concept that hospice offered. I ended up talking with the visiting massage therapist for quite a long time about her experience with patients and their families.  I knew it was a fit for me. It seemed to complement my background in social work, a real hands on approach to care.

I enrolled in massage therapy school and was licensed over a year later. I knew I wanted to focus on oncology massage and had been reading all I could about the benefits it offered for people with cancer. The research was positive about helping people manage their pain, anxiety and stress. I discovered a program of specialized training for massage therapists interested in oncology at Boston Medical Center. I jumped in with two feet and met some kindred spirits also drawn to this work. Although I dreaded the drive into Boston each week, it was just what I needed to confirm I was heading in the right direction. I soon started working at a cancer center at a local area hospital.

I noticed several hospitals also offered Reiki to patients and decided to try it for myself. I was intrigued and wanted to learn more. My Reiki I class led to Reiki 2 and just last year I completed my master Reiki class. I often use a combination of massage and Reiki in my sessions, always bringing in healing energy, which is what led me to learning more about reflexology.  It taps into the body’s energetic pathways through reflex points on the hands, feet and head. I have now settled into offering, a combination of massage, Reiki and reflexology in my sessions.  

What started out as a spark of inspiration for me in a new career continues to inspire me. I believe in the healing power of massage, Reiki and reflexology. Come in and meet me! 

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