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Practitioner Feature

Christine Crowley

Practitioner Feature:

Christine Crowley, MS, OTR/L

Rapid Transformational Therapist

My journey to RTT

As an Occupational Therapist since 1993, I had been invested in helping clients to qualify, quantify, and achieve their personal goals.  In that, and in my own personal life, I found there was often a capacity to make the necessary changes, and yet a block to actually making those changes, or to making them last.  I resigned myself to the cyclical nature of progress.  Achieve some goals, slip back, and work on them again.  

Then I discovered Rapid Transformational Therapy.  I had been a student of  Mindvalley, Inc. trainings and products for years when a promotion appeared for Marisa’s Peer’s program the Uncompromised Life (see Marisa’s TED talk here:   

The content resonated with me right away, and I purchased the program.  The trainings, which included pre-recorded hypnosis sessions, were life-changing for me.  I was empowered to make huge changes in my own life and self-esteem, and I began to wonder how I could integrate this into the work I did with others.  It was about that time that I learned Marisa had begun teaching her method, called Rapid Transformational Therapy to students in live classrooms in the UK, and I decided I had to get certified.  Using what I learned from her programs, I was able to set a plan in motion to make that happen, and am fortunate to be a graduate of her first ever online course as well as the live training she taught in Vancouver, BC in 2016.

In studying Rapid Transformational Therapy, I discovered it was possible to actually uncover the cause, root and reason of the subconscious blocks and outdated automatic programs and to go into the subconscious to upgrade the automatic programs to be in line with the client’s conscious goals.

When we’re born, with some exceptions, all our systems are set up for balance and success.  We have great self esteem. We happily make our needs known, we aren’t embarrassed by chubby thighs. We eat when we are hungry and stop when we’re full. 
As we age, those systems can go out of balance..we are terrified of public speaking, we hate our bodies, we overeat…we can usually trace the root cause of the problem to something that has been learned and then through habit, automated. 

Often, we don’t knew exactly how when and why this happened. Or we may think we know consciously, but even so we are unable to make a change to the programming. 
That’s where hypnosis can help. 90% of our  brain function are unconscious. In hypnosis, we enter a state of relaxation and altered brain wave where the critical faculty is more permeable. That is to say we have access to that 90% of the subconscious mind.  Which gives the opportunity to identify the Cause, root, and reason for our subconscious blocks and outdated programming. And to make effective change at that deep level.

Rapid Transformations therapy follows a specific format that helps the client get quick access to the information they need to implement change immediately. Every session includes a personalized recording that the client listens to for 21 days to reinforce the change initiated in the session. We know the mind learns by repetition, by emotional salience, and that it likes the familiar. We use these tools to make powerful change.

I believe in cause and effect.  There are very good reasons for our patterns, our thoughts, our behaviors.  When these things are not in line with our vision and goals of ourselves, I am able to get to the root of a problem and to see it from an angle the client often cannot on their own.  I have a clear vision of clients’ strengths and what is required to bring those strengths to the forefront.

It’s not something that I do TO you.  It’s something I help you find within yourself.

If you are ready for change that you can keep, come see me!