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Horse - Pet Reiki, Healing Way CenterCindy Mattingly talks about her experience as a Pet Reiki practitioner:

I was raised on a farm in Kentucky and have been around animals all my life.  I have had cats and dogs in my home since I graduated from college.  I have been working with energy since I started my career as an Occupational Therapist in 1981.   I started out reading energy in an unconscious way and in the past 20 years in a conscious way.

As one of my pets in my home would have health challenges I would use one or more of the bodywork and energy work modalities to support them.  I found that they did not need the time required like humans.  They either let you do the work or they walked away or indicated by a growl or warning snap to not do it.

Since 2013 I have been doing distant Pet Reiki sessions with amazing feedback from the pet owners.  This has lead me to share how I am doing this work and teach others how to provide this amazing energy to these beautiful beings that gift us with their presence.


  • Ease pain
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Reduce stress or anxiety
  • Help with gastrointestinal disorders
  • Ease allergies
  • Bring peace to a pet and their owner when it is transitioning from this life

Animal Reiki Sessions

15 minute distant session
Send a picture of the intended recipient to the practitioner’s email address.
The practitioner sends Reiki at the scheduled time.
The recipient does not need to leave home, which is less stress on everyone.
The practitioner emails a summary after each session.


Lynn C. Elzweig Reiki and Energy Practitioner, Healing Way Center

Bodywork practitioner



$30 per 15 minute session

For every session, $10 will be given to a non-profit organization that supports the health and well-being of animals

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Animal Reiki Classes


Come learn and experience how to give this awesome healing energy to animals!

Use Reiki to heal many issues in a safe, noninvasive manner that can complement traditional veterinary medicine or other holistic modalities. This workshop can be a stepping stone to help you connect more deeply to your animal friends and be able offer Reiki as another tool when your animal is in pain or needs support.

Prerequisite Reiki 1 & 2

This introductory 6 hour workshop is broken up into 3 hours in the morning in direct classroom discussion and review of how to give energy work to animals. In this, portion we briefly review Reiki history and we discuss how to set up a session, permission from the animal, working signs, environmental conditions of the animal, creating a session summary, among other things, while integrating examples and stories.

The second part of the workshop is spent practicing with a variety of animals at a second location using the information learned in the morning session. There will be direct supervision by the instructor and a final discussion group to share experiences and discuss questions.

At the end of this workshop, you are able to give a Reiki session to animals and a certificate is provided.

Upon completion of the Basic Pet Reiki Class, students are then welcome to attend Animal Reiki Practices where they can further enhance their abilities to offer Reiki to animals, ask questions, and continue to build the connection between Reiki, self and the animal in different settings.

The 3 goals for the Basic Animal Reiki classroom teachings are:

  • The student will understand the difference between giving a Reiki session to a human and to an animal
  • The student will be able to identify signs of stress in an animal
  • The student  will  verbalize experiences of connecting to own intuition while offering Reiki to the animal


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