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Kathryn Anderson and Gisèle King are the co-originators of this work who were chosen for their degree of sincerity, commitment, integrity and devotion to bring forth the Magnified Healing® teachings


  • 14 Hours, $250


Magnified Healing® is a high dimensional frequency healing modality that was brought under the intervention and inspiration of Lady Master Kwan Yin for the spiritual advancement of humanity and the earth. It establishes a constant flow of energy that awakens the yearning to remember and reunite with your inner self and initiate your ascension process.
Through breath, sound and movement the 1st phase workshop deeply and actively engages the person who practices it in the healing process and also the person who receives a treatment. It is offered as a full two-day workshop in which the students will learn the 1st phase healing techniques to use on themselves, others, in absence, and for the earth. After an 11-consecutive day empowerment practice following the attunement, the student is authorized to teach the workshop anywhere in the world.

  • 8 Hours, $150


We encourage all Magnified Healing® practitioners to come and review this one-day workshop filled with updated information. As Magnified Healing evolves constantly, you will be brought up-to-date with these sacred teachings and will be more confident when teaching your future classes. Please bring your 1st Phase manual

  • You will learn an enhanced 1st Phase practice with additional movements of the hands and including some Sacred Names and Expressions. You will receive a handout at the class.
  • I will explain the Connection of the Nervous System in details, What it means to be a bio-transducer; how we start building our crystalline Light Body; and you will receive a new 6-page article on this technique.
  • You will be studying in groups of four, the new 10-page article on the Five Bodies. Please bring the handout on the Five Bodies you received with your 1st Phase manual.
  • We will go over the 1st Phase initiation procedure.

  • 6 Hours, $150


This is a two-part workshop and ceremony available to all Magnified Healing® certified practitioners. In the workshop, participants will learn all the phases of the celebration that they will then apply at the ceremony. The healing ceremony is a public event. The intention is to create a joyous, informal sacred space for anyone to come and experience the gentle Magnified Healing® energy.


  • 14 Hours, $300


Prerequisites: Must have taken Magnified Healing® 1st Phase and have practiced it with integrity for at least 4 months prior to the workshop. Additionally, participants are required to practice 1st Phase for 11 consecutive days in preparation for the 3rd Phase workshop.

Magnified Healing® 3rd Phase is a more advanced healing system in which participants are able to co-create two laser light rays to be used to heal and reprogram the body. This is offered as a full two-day workshop at the end of which participants will experience a sacred attunement.

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