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  • 6 Hours, $200

The physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects need constant attention to build the energetic stamina to be an Energy Practitioner. You cannot hold the space or container for someone else if yours is compromised.

This workshop will focus on each of the aspects with specific techniques and protocols to detoxification rebuild and strengthen your system so that you can expand to hold the energies for yourself and others.

This class can be taken by anyone at anytime. This is a mandatory core class for anyone enrolled in the Energy Practitioner Program (EPC).

  • 6 Hours, $200

This workshop will cover 6 different methods or models of meditation so that the participant can select ways that best suit their personal preferences. This is a significant part of the energetic self-care:

Beginning journeying
Object meditation
Moving and/or walking

  • 6 Hours, $200

Intuition is the process of listening to what your senses (sight, sound, smell, taste and touch) are telling you. Each person has a particular sense that is well developed. This class is an opportunity to identify and work with this sense through specifically designed activities.

Dowsing is the process of using a tool such as a pendulum or rod to discover information. This workshop will focus on dowsing basics and then lots of practice combining your intuition and dowsing skills.

Participants need to bring a pendulum or an L-rod to use in the class.

  • 6 Hours, $200

We all know when a room or office feels really good or even beautiful!

This workshop will highlight ways to give your space beauty, order, and safety. We will begin by practicing clearing ourselves and our space. Next, we will use Feng Shui principles to give our space order and balance. Finally, we will review techniques to keep our space clean and clear so that the beauty shines through and supports you no matter what your space is used for!

  • 6 Hours, $200

Grounding is fundamental to an embodied life. This workshop will explore what Grounding means and how we become Grounded. We will examine the boundaries we do or do not have around our energy. Grounding and Boundaries are the cornerstones to successful and healthy relationships. We will practice strategies in each of these areas that promote our ability to live a life of joy and ease.

NCBTMB Approved CE Provider

  • 6 Hours, $200

Do you feel stuck in an area of your life? Do you keep seeing the same issues in your job, your relationships, or even your body? Chances are that this “stuckness” is part of a hidden energy called your shadow.

In this workshop you will get to know your shadow through meditation, visualizations, and dream interpretation. You will practice ways to open or “unstick” the shadow energy, leading you to ease and balance.

  • 6 Hours, $200

Being sensitive is a blessing, not a curse! Your sensitivity adds vitality to your life, enhancing your senses and intuition.

Understand and explore the ways to strengthen your physical and energetic boundaries. Identify techniques to give clarity and ease to your world.

Learn to embrace your sensitivity!

NCBTMB Approved CE Provider

  • 4 Part Series, $120  
  • or

  • 90 min class, $40

This series of workshops are simple and immediately effective methods to access your transformation! Seems too easy? It is not that hard. Here the 4 steps have been organized just for you by Cindy.

Week 1: Access Transformation with Grounding! The path is not clear…you have fog brain…you can’t get out of your own way… These are all signs of not being grounded. This workshop uses cutting edge methods to know when you are not grounded and teaches the experience and way to have the sensation of being totally grounded. When you complete this workshop, you will have built a tool kit of grounding techniques.

Week 2: Setting Boundaries has never been so easy! No one listens to “no”… People are always bumping into me…Difficulty with salespeople. When our boundaries are not working well, the universe responds with very clear signals that we are missing something.

Week 3: Everyone is Intuitive! I got this pain in my stomach… I’ve got a funny feeling…My head hurts when I talk to him. There are many ways to connect to your intuition. This workshop is all about the experience of knowing that YOU know and have an experience of that knowing. It is not about Cindy telling you are intuitive but of you having that clarity. This is how to connect in a more conscious and direct way.

Week 4: Highest Good Dowsing! Ask others…guess…close your eyes and jump. These are all ways that each of us try to make good decisions. How would you like to have a clear and decisive way? Know what you know and then have it clearly confirmed. Awesome!

  • 4 Part Series, $120  
  • or

  • 90 min class, $40
  • This 4 part series will focus on aspects of your energetic system and will demonstrate techniques to detoxify, rebuild and strengthen your energy field so you can expand towards the manifestation of your dreams.

    Week 1: Physical Energy Management Do you run low on energy? Are you always giving excuses why you can’t do something? These are signs of an imbalance in your physical energy. During this workshop Cindy will discuss the many reasons you might be feeling fatigued and will demonstrate multiple options to help you craft your ideal physical program that will give you the energy you need to meet all of life’s challenges from climbing mountains to chasing after your children. Capture the satisfaction of knowing your physical body is able to take you where you want to go!

    Week 2: Emotional Energy Management Do you fly off the handle at the slightest thing? Does confrontation leave you with an emotional hangover? Emotions can highjack us and drain us of our resources. This workshop will help you recognize when you have been emotionally derailed and provide techniques for getting your emotional energy back on track. Detoxification of emotional energy is one of the powerful ways to help find your center point so that you ride the waves of your life with ease.

    Week 3: Mental Energy Management Do you suffer from ‘monkey mind’? Do thoughts come at you from all directions? Do you find it difficult to finish a conversation without jumping to another topic? There are many ways to describe mental energy that has gone amuck. Monkey mind, hamster on the wheel, runaway train, etc… This workshop will connect you with the mental patterns that lead you down this path of confusion. You will learn ways to detoxify, rebuild and strengthen your mental energy so that clarity is your constant companion.

    Week 4: Spiritual Energy Management Despondent? Despair? Are these your consistent thoughts? Ask others……..guess……..close your eyes and jump These are all ways that each of us try to make good decisions. How would you like to have a clear and decisive way? Know what you know and then have it clearly confirmed. Awesome!

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