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  • 6 Hours, $100

Prerequisite Reiki 1/2

This introductory 6 –hour workshop is broken up into 3 hours in the morning in direct classroom discussion and review of how to give energy work to animals. The second part of the workshop is spent at a farm where the student will be able to practice immediately the information learned in the morning session. There will be direct supervision by the instructor and a final discussion group to share experiences. This is workshop includes the attunement to the Reiki energy and the awareness of giving this to animals. When you complete this class you are able to give a Reiki session to animals and will be a Certified Pet Reiki Practitioner.

The 3 goals for the Basic Animal Reiki classroom teachings are:

  • The student will understand the difference of giving Reiki session to a human and to an animal
  • The student will be able to identify 2 signs of stress in an animal
  • The student  will  verbalize experiences of connecting to own intuition

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