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Integrated Energy Therapy®Integrated Energy Therapy®

By Janet Oliver,MA, HF-RM, LRM, MH, IETM, MH I + III

I have always been a skeptic, and belief in angels was way up there on my “skeptical about” list, probably somewhere between Santa Claus and the Easter bunny. (I am in good company here; Stevan Thayer, the founder of Integrated Energy Therapy®, often relates how he didn’t fully believe in angels until they started showing up in his IET® sessions.)

In various workshops, including IET® basic through advanced, I heard classmates describing their visions and experiences with angels. “They must be making it up or imagining it,” I thought, but being curious, I decided to take the Healing Angels workshop. I loved the angels’ messages of clearing and healing in Stevan Thayer’s The Healing Angels of the Energy Field, but I sensed little to nothing during the meditations and I listened in disbelief as others related their vivid perceptions of the angelic energy.

But my fascination with all things metaphysical led me to other meditation groups and workshops, and gradually I began to have experiences that I couldn’t explain rationally. Something would brush my shoulder, but there was nothing physical in the room that could have accounted for it, a sudden temperature change would give me the chills, or I’d have a feeling of being squeezed. But my doubt held on — until the day that I repeated

 Integrated Energy Therapy®

Integrated Energy Therapy®

the Healing Angels class. To my surprise, my journal sounded like it had been written by one of my visionary classmates. Most notable was the experience of Archangel Gabriel. I felt such an overpowering, loving energy pouring down from above that tears were streaming down my cheeks. I had no idea I could be loved so much.

I had often heard that whether or not you believe in angels, they are just waiting for you to call on them for help. It may take a while to actually feel the connection, but there’s no doubting the experience when it happens.