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Tse Dup or Soul Healing

Tse Dup or Soul Healing by Cindy Mattingly I never thought in a million years that I would be sharing my internal world but here I am ☺ I do not always say the things that I think and feel because they might sound corny or I am afraid of being rejected for being too “out there”.  Now, I am going to put it in writing because it matters.  It matters how we show love.  It matters how we treat each other. I want ... Read more

Story of the Month: Grace

By: Caitlin Marino This past May our beloved family dog, a 15 year old Yorkshire Terrier named Grace, encountered a poisonous Bufo frog while in Florida with my parents. My father rushed her to the animal hospital but her outlook was poor. The vet had informed him that 90% of all dogs who encounter these frogs are dead upon arrival and those that survive are typically larger dogs. I immediately contacted Healing Way Center with the hope that the Pet Reiki practitioners could help little Gracie survive. By 2pm Grace was up and eating and she was released the next day without complication. The vet was ... Read more

Story of the Month: Aijah

Story of the Month: Aijah By Lynn Elzweig This is a story of little Aijah, a seven-month-old Yorkshire terrier; her owner, Maura; her owner’s mother (my friend Mo) and me.  Aijah used to live with Maura and Maura’s parents, however Maura recently moved, and her roommate had a large dog.  Normally Aijah is very friendly to people and dogs but the roommate’s dog was VERY LARGE compared to a Yorkie. Since Aijah was scared of the unfamiliar dog, Maura decided while she was ... Read more

Story of the Month: Strike

Story of the Month: Strike I am a fellow Pet Reiki Practitioner with Lynn.  Our amazing journey with Reiki began this past December.  Early in the month, my cat Strike woke me up with severe vomiting.   I took him to his vet & he was hospitalized with pancreatitis for a couple of days.  When he came home, he was ok for a couple of weeks, but not himself. Then on December 21st, he woke me up again vomiting.  I took him to the ... Read more

Story of the Month: Kristen Guthrie

Story of the Month: Kristen Guthrie  My name is Kristen and I am the mother of two beautiful children, ages 8 and 10.   Along with my husband, we have always been an active family.  I especially love to watch my kids participate in sports such as hockey, soccer and gymnastics.  Our home is always open to friends and there is rarely a day that there aren’t at least 4 or more kids hanging out with us or getting ready to carpool to ... Read more