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Practitioner Feature: Christine Crowley, MS, OTR/L

Practitioner Feature: Christine Crowley, MS, OTR/L Rapid Transformational Therapist My journey to RTT As an Occupational Therapist since 1993, I had been invested in helping clients to qualify, quantify, and achieve their personal goals.  In that, and in my own personal life, I found there was often a capacity to make the necessary changes, and yet a block to actually making those changes, or to making them last.  I resigned myself to the cyclical nature of progress.  Achieve some goals, slip back, and work on ... Read more

Practitioner Feature: Geralyn Vasile

  Practitioner Feature: Geralyn Vasile Massage Therapist My career in massage therapy started as a spark of inspiration after meeting a massage therapist visiting the hospice house I was volunteering with. I had always been drawn to the holistic and compassionate care concept that hospice offered. I ended up talking with the visiting massage therapist for quite a long time about her experience with patients and their families.  I knew it was a fit for me. It seemed to complement my background in social work, ... Read more

Practitioner Feature: Keri Stella

Practitioner Feature: Keri Stella My story as a pet Reiki practitioner and intuitive started when I was in the midst of my Reiki training.  I was level 2 certified - not yet a Reiki Master or practitioner - searching for interesting books at the library (as I often did) about different modalities of healing, astrology, and crystals, for example.  I probably borrowed around 10 books every time I went to the library and ferociously read as much information as I could before ... Read more