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COMING FULL CIRCLE---AGAIN and AGAIN by Carolyn Krusinski, PhD   We are in a dynamic conversation with the phenomenal world about how the interconnectedness of our lives is continually enriching and challenging us. There is always a bit of magic in the air when the world shows up to help us along our life’s journey. That’s been my lifelong experience. And yet, it surprises me again and again. And we can’t always plan, control, negotiate, or cajole experience on our own terms. These experiences arise ... Read more

Reflections from Costa Rica back in the USA

Reflections from Costa Rica back in the USA by Cynthia Mattingly   Back from Costa Rica at the office:  It was a strange feeling to come into the office when I got caught up at home so much later than my normal time.  Something has shifted from the work with the horses……it is not conscious. Many of the conversations in Costa Rica were about being on horse time.  There is an allowing for things to happen as they need to.  This embraces the concept of ... Read more

Reflections from Costa Rica

Reflections by Cynthia Mattingly I just spent 10- days with my dear friend, Danielle. I attended her workshop Horse and Soul Retreat at Leaves and Lizards in Costa Rica.  The journey to Costa Rica is a tough one…….18 hours from home to the retreat center.  Stepping into this beautiful countryside made the recovery from the travel much much easier. I have done a ton of emotional and body process work and really felt I was working on my stuff in a very conscious ... Read more

Animal Energy Work: The Joy of Teaching and Facilitating

Animal Energy Work: The Joy of Teaching and Facilitating  by Jen O’Leary-Chen If you had asked me 3 years ago if I would ever consider teaching Reiki, I would have said no.  I thought my path was to only treat and practice Reiki. My thinking changed when I took Holy Fire Karuna Reiki training with William Lee Rand.  In that class, he said that Holy Fire Reiki often guides people to teach.  I was skeptical but kept an open mind.  Shortly thereafter, the ... Read more

6 Things Horses Can Teach Us

6 Things Horses Can Teach Us By Keri Stella, Animal Reiki Practitioner and Intuitive What can us humans learn from horses?  That was a question I asked myself when I attended an "Awakening with Horses" event this past weekend in Andover, MA at Ironstone Farm, led by Cowboy and Seth Monk.  Initially, I attended the event to just gain more experience with horses and learn more about them.  I am an animal reiki practitioner and intuitive, so I was thinking maybe I would ... Read more

Featured Modality: Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release By Peter J. van Twuyver, DPT, MPT, OCS Myofascial Release (MFR) is an osteopathic term which refers to the use of the hands for the stretching and mobilization of muscle and fascia.  The intention of MFR is to remove or “release” adhesions or restrictions in soft tissue to restore mobility and function.  Adhesions in soft tissue can occur from inactivity, trauma, and poor posture.   As it turns out, Myofascial Release has been around since 400 BC, during the time of ... Read more

Practitioner Feature: Christine Crowley, MS, OTR/L

Practitioner Feature: Christine Crowley, MS, OTR/L Rapid Transformational Therapist My journey to RTT As an Occupational Therapist since 1993, I had been invested in helping clients to qualify, quantify, and achieve their personal goals.  In that, and in my own personal life, I found there was often a capacity to make the necessary changes, and yet a block to actually making those changes, or to making them last.  I resigned myself to the cyclical nature of progress.  Achieve some goals, slip back, and work on ... Read more

Featured Modality: Integrated Energy Therapy®

Integrated Energy Therapy® By Janet Oliver,MA, HF-RM, LRM, MH, IETM, MH I + III I have always been a skeptic, and belief in angels was way up there on my “skeptical about” list, probably somewhere between Santa Claus and the Easter bunny. (I am in good company here; Stevan Thayer, the founder of Integrated Energy Therapy®, often relates how he didn’t fully believe in angels until they started showing up in his IET® sessions.) In various workshops, including IET® basic through advanced, I heard ... Read more

Practitioner Feature: Geralyn Vasile

  Practitioner Feature: Geralyn Vasile Massage Therapist My career in massage therapy started as a spark of inspiration after meeting a massage therapist visiting the hospice house I was volunteering with. I had always been drawn to the holistic and compassionate care concept that hospice offered. I ended up talking with the visiting massage therapist for quite a long time about her experience with patients and their families.  I knew it was a fit for me. It seemed to complement my background in social work, ... Read more

Featured Modality: Tuning Forks

Tuning Forks By Dianne Wall, BCTMB, LMT, RM, KRM,LRM Tuning forks are one of many sound healing tools.  They are tuned to a variety of frequencies such as those of: organs, the brain, chakras, or planets. Some incorporate gemstones. Everything vibrates at a unique frequency. Each of us as a unique organism has a vibration.  Each of our systems (cardiac, respiratory, nervous…) and individual parts (heart, lungs, hair, cells…) have their own vibration as do plants, animals, the earth, planets, and diseases! Injuries ... Read more

Modality Feature: Magnified Healing®

Magnified Healing® By Lynn Elzweig, HF RM, HF KRM, MH Magnified Healing® was given to Reiki Masters, Gisele King and Kathryn Anderson in 1983 by Kwan Yin. In 1992 after much meditation and receiving more information, the two women became the primary teachers of Magnified Healing® and subsequently taught classes all over the world. The energy of Magnified Healing®  includes love, healing karma, and ascension. In giving Magnified Healing®  1st Phase session, a trained practitioner guides the client through motion, breath, and speech.  ... Read more

Practitioner Feature: Keri Stella

Practitioner Feature: Keri Stella My story as a pet Reiki practitioner and intuitive started when I was in the midst of my Reiki training.  I was level 2 certified - not yet a Reiki Master or practitioner - searching for interesting books at the library (as I often did) about different modalities of healing, astrology, and crystals, for example.  I probably borrowed around 10 books every time I went to the library and ferociously read as much information as I could before ... Read more

Modality Feature: Cupping

Cupping By Dianne Wall Cupping therapy is an ancient traditional technique that uses negative pressure (suction) to assist the body’s own healing process by improving blood and lymph circulation and pulling toxins from the tissues. It was once commonplace around the world, most notably in China where its documented use dates back over 2,000 years. With the rise of ‘modern’ medicine and pharmaceuticals cupping fell out of favor at the end of the 19th century, though it remained a home remedy in many ... Read more

Divine Feminine

Divine Feminine By Cindy Mattingly This sounds corny to some part of me…..Divine Feminine.  This is neither something I was raised with nor a concept I learned about in my training as an Occupational Therapist. It is not something my religious education taught or ANYONE ever shared. Strange that it is so important now. It is something that has happened organically.  It has come from deep process work with women whom I describe as my soul sisters.  They hold the most sensitive part of ... Read more

Reiki to reduce symptoms of depression & stress

Journal Review by Keri Stella REIKI SHOWN TO REDUCE SYMPTOMS OF PSYCHOLOGICAL DEPRESSION AND STRESS UP TO ONE YEAR AFTER TREATMENTS Today, patients are seeking out treatment by alternative healers in increasing numbers, partly due to the dissatisfaction of the Western Medicine model of not treating the “whole” person.  Energetic healing has recently gained popularity with doctors, nurses and other health care professionals as a way to complement traditional medicine. With up to 25% of women and 12% of men having experienced depression, standard treatments ... Read more